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A new look at lighting. Trends '23

16 of January '23

The year 2023 brings a flood of invigorating changes in the sphere of design and everyday philosophy. Under the magnifying glass of designers and architects came lighting, so far often treated as a functional design accessory. A fresh approach gives it its due primacy in building the narrative of the interior, as well as creating a comfort zone that supports well-being. The new directions delight in a broad perspective of understanding light.

Lighting has waited many years for these changes. Previously treated as a fashionable complement to interior styling, today it is finally becoming its primary segment. In 2023, it is lighting systems and lamps, with their remarkable design and extremely rich arsenal of functionality, that will determine not only the design convention, but also the innovative attitude towards the environment and achieving emotional balance.

Here are the latest lighting trends that cannot be passed by indifferently.

The art of minimalism

This year we are sure to succumb to lighting that delights in simplicity and harmony. The minimalism of lamps, their subtlety and soothed liveliness, will take us to the heights of design excellence with class and elegance.

The unexaggerated form will be the first to catch the eye and provoke you to let your imagination run wild. Carefully considered aesthetics will become a key element of the decor. Looking at Solanto or Baris LED lamps, allowing to create unique light compositions, we will easily realize the validity of the idea of less is more.

Nowe Centrum Rozwojowo-Badawcze Lecha Poznań, projekt EV Architects

New Development and Research Center of Lech Poznan, designed by EV Architects - Pictured are highly energy-efficient Baris LED luminaires from Lena Lighting

© Lena Lighting

Proximity to nature

A trend that will run through all spheres of design this year is proximity to nature. The perfectionism and beauty of nature inspire and encourage us to explore what is next to us, to return to our roots and find our place in the world. In the context of lighting, nature will be introduced into the interiors through, among other things, the rounded shapes of lamps, which reflect the gentleness we find in the natural environment. At the same time, we will bet on lamps manufactured with LED technology, which provide high energy efficiency.

Wysoce energooszczędne oświetlenie w żłobku w Łochowie

Highly energy-efficient lighting in a nursery in Łochów - Installation made of Baris LED lamps

© Lena Lighting

Taking care

The undisputed trend of 2023 will be to seek balance in one's immediate environment. Creating a space full of positive energy, shaping mood and soothing emotions will become one of the most important needs to be realized.

Oprawa Solanto Duo, wyprodukowana w oparciu o technologię wysokoenergooszczędnych modułów LED nowej generacji

Solanto Duo luminaire, manufactured on the basis of technology of highly energy-efficient new generation LED modules

© Lena Lighting

The creation of interiors that provide peace, concentration and a sense of security will be helped by advanced lamp functionalities that adjust light parameters to individual needs and requirements. These will be provided by intelligent functions and lighting management systems such as Clue In designed in accordance with the idea of Human Centric Lighting, which, among other things, adjusts light emission to the intensity of natural light coming from outside.

Eco-friendly lighting spot

Looking within and achieving inner harmony helps one relax and develop a balance between work, rest and the challenges of everyday life. However, equally important this year will be a refreshed view of the planet's affairs and a reevaluation of the rules that have so far governed everyday life. Energy efficiency will gain a new status, becoming a determinant of decisions and choices made every day.

Since its inception, Lena Lighting has been producing lamps and lighting management systems inspired by care for the environment. A prime example is the Clue City system, which is used to manage lighting in street spaces, adjusting light emissions according to current weather conditions and time of day. In a word, the optimal amount of light is provided only when it is needed.

Inteligentny system zarządzania oświetleniem Clue City od Lena Lighting  oraz energooszczędne oprawy LED w Środzie Wielkopolskiej

Clue City intelligent lighting management system from Lena Lighting and energy-efficient LED luminaires in Sroda Wielkopolska - The investment saved electricity consumption by more than 50%.

© Lena Lighting

Leading the way

Can lighting become a leading interior design element? In 2023, it will take over the role of an independent decorator, assuming the position of the center of aesthetic experience. Far behind it, it will leave the label of accessory or indispensable accessory.

Wysoce energooszczędna instalacja świetlna  w żłobku w Łochowie, wykonana z uzyciem lamp RQ 160 LED

Highly energy-efficient lighting installation in a nursery in Łochów, made with RQ 160 LED lamps

© Lena Lighting

An increasingly common solution is the creation of luminous illuminations on the facades of buildings, which become an expressive message to observers. In the case of outdoor lighting, based on highly energy-efficient LED modules, it is possible to create one-of-a-kind luminous illumination of any block with minimal electricity consumption.

Oświetlenie elewacji budynku Wydziału Architektury Politechniki Poznańskiej

Illumination of the facade of the Faculty of Architecture building at Poznan University of Technology - The power consumption of external lighting systems from Lena Lighting did not exceed 1 kW. Obtaining such low consumption was possible thanks to the use of super-efficient luminaires with an integrated LED panel, made of PCB on an aluminum substrate.

© Lena Lighting

A game of colors

Lamps and light fixtures are able to provide us with a unique atmosphere not only with the color of light. Color and shape also matter, which, according to interior psychology, translate into our mood. That's why this year one of the hottest trends in the lighting industry is the introduction of bold colors and shades that help trigger emotions and express oneself. It is worth mentioning at this point that the Pantone Institute has declared Viva Magenta 18-1750 as the color of the year.

The Sizzano lamp from Lena Lighting is available in an extensive RAL color palette upon request. This makes it easy to make your interior more attractive and make you feel exactly the way you want.

Lampa Sizzano  w kolorze roku 2023 – Viva Magenta

Sizzano lamp in the color of the year 2023 - Viva Magenta

© Lena Lighting

Intelligence paired with multifunctionality

The role of lamps today is not only to illuminate interiors and create spaces conducive to relaxation or concentration. Advanced parameters provide a wide range of possibilities for action, such as disinfection of rooms.

Sterilon UVC MAX PRO 1200 is the country's first GMBU-certified lamp, which enhances safety in many medical facilities in Poland and abroad, among others, neutralizing viruses, fungi and bacteria at 99.8%. The device's capacity is 9,000 hours.

UV-C technology is also worth using at home to enjoy healthy, purified air on a regular basis.

Another novelty is the combination of acoustic panels providing comfortable soundproofing of rooms with energy-saving led lighting.

Panele akustyczne produkowane przez Acustio połączone z wysoce energooszczędnym oświetleniem  LED od Lena Lighting

Acoustic panels manufactured by Acustio combined with highly energy-efficient LED lighting from Lena Lighting

© Lena Lighting

The Sterilon Flow multifunctional UV-C surface and air sterilization lamp Sterilon Flow represented Polish design at Dorota Koziara's "Creative by nature" exhibition at Expo Dubai. It also won the Red Dot Design Award 2022.

This year's trends will dramatically change our perception and inspire significant changes in every sphere of life. It is worth following them and incorporating them into your daily life to make it even more beautiful and responsible.

For more information, visit the company's Lena Lighting S.A. page on the A&B portal.

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