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How does light in the city affect us?

16 of January '23

According to The International Dark-Sky Association, "worldwide, we spend at least $50 billion in energy costs every year to produce light that escapes into space. "*

Przykład zastosowania w Vulcan Park (Workington)

example of application at Vulcan Park (Workington)

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This light is not only wasted, but can negatively impact the nighttime environment, unnecessarily increase costs for lighting owners, pollute our dark skies and potentially harm human well-being.


Join us for a webinar hosted by Dr. Eng. arch. Karolina Zielińska-Dąbkowska. The discussion will be hosted by Marta Ostalkiewicz.

From the webinar you will learn, among other things:

  • what light pollution is and what effects it can have;

  • how light pollution affects human mental health;

  • how light pollution affects the lives of nocturnal animals;

  • how the International Dark Sky Association works and what the IDA luminaire certification program is all about;

  • what actions can be taken to protect the nocturnal ecosystem;

  • how NightTune technology helps protect dark skies while keeping people safe.


przykład zastosowania w Tredegar Park

example of application at Tredegar Park

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* NightTune white paper, Thorn materials.

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