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07 of February '22

LIVE conversations from the series

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What changes has the pandemic brought? What challenges do we have to face? We are launching a series of LIVE talks - #NEW TRENDS IN ARCHITECTURE with top designers who, based on their own design practice, will talk about how to implement changes, what they bring and what their balance is in urbanized spaces.

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a period of great change

The last three years have been a period of great changes and shifts in meaning. We approach design differently, we discuss other problems. This can be seen in both global and our domestic debates about architecture or urban development. Pandemic - a very difficult time for many of us, has also brought positive changes. Sustainable architecture, urban greenery as infrastructure, architecture in the age of circular economy, health-oriented solutions are just some of the topics that have featured very strongly in the architectural discourse. In our new series of LIVE talks, we want to address and explore these new trends.

new series of LIVE talks

#NEW TRENDS IN ARCHITECTURE will host top designers who, based on their own design practice, will talk about how to implement changes, what they bring and what their balance is in urbanized spaces. In doing so, we are building a world based on values and quality solutions. We want to share them with our readers and audience, we want to help create new trends and explain why their implementation serves all users of space.

We invite everyone who feels this spirit of change and wants to be a part of it. Together we can all build a new quality in the architectural world.

first meeting already in march

On March 8, 2022 at 1pm, we have scheduled the first LIVE conversation, in which our invited designers will tell, based on their own design practice, how to implement changes, what they bring and what their balance is in urbanized spaces.

The meeting will be broadcast live on YouTube and Facebook with the opportunity to ask questions on the Facebook profile of our event. We encourage you to also ask questions before the meeting and send them to:

March 8 (Tuesday), 1 pm

Joanna Rayss and Jakub Szczęsny

Joanna RayssJoanna Rayss - Dr. Eng. landscape architect, expert in the implementation of elements of Green Infrastructure of the City and Urban Surface Retention Systems as tools in adaptation to climate change. Co-author of the book "Urban Surface Retention System in Adaptation of Cities to Climate Change - from vision to implementation". Author of numerous press articles popularizing this issue. Working as a small retention specialist at the Gdańskie Wody municipal company in Gdańsk, she had the opportunity to influence the change in urban rainwater management policy towards greater use of the principles of ecohydrology, urban ecology and ecosystem services. From 2009 to 2020, she ran the author's design studio Zieleniarium.
Since 2019 she has been a partner at Rayss Group, and since the second half of 2021 she has also been vice president of the company's board of directors. She specializes in the design of public areas, estate greenery and Nature Based Solutions and Ecosystem Based Solutions.

Jakub Szczęsny (Pracownia SZCZ)Jakub Szczęsny (Pracownia SZCZ) - is the first Polish architect whose project, the Keret House, also called "the narrowest house in the world," was included in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and in 2018 was included in the list of the Iconic Houses portal. Jakub works on the edge of architecture, art and design, working for brands such as Simple House, Aura by Yeti, Kompania Piwowarska and General Electric Appliances. A large part of his work consists of social projects emerging around the world, including Australia, Palestine, Israel and India. He is interested in different scales of challenges, from designing coats and micro-houses without building permits to large-scale assemblies, such as the "Implant" currently under construction in Warsaw, the world's largest restaurant and service complex made from recycled shipping containers. From 1991 to 2001 he worked as a press and advertising illustrator, including for Playboy Poland, Fantastyka, OK America and Fluid. As a visiting lecturer, he is associated with School of Form, ASK at WAPW and AnantU.


Partners of the event # NEW TRENDS IN ARCHITECTURE are:

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