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A novelty in Aluron's offer! IW 50 window integrated into the facade

10 of March '23

Aluron Sp. z o.o. has expanded its product portfolio with a new IW 50 system. The solution allows the construction of windows integrated with the facade opening inwards using standard concealed hinges.

The mullion sections of the facade simultaneously perform the function of the window frame. For this reason, constructions of this type in the view from the outside do not differ at all from the fixed quarters of the facade. They provide an elegant hidden-sash effect, and thus influence the continuity of the layout typical of a mullion and transom wall.

The solution is compatible with all facade systems from Aluron's offer: AF 50 and its silicon variant AF 50S, the zero-energy photovoltaic facade AF 50KW Quantum. The IW 50 windows have two main tasks: they ensure optimal ventilation of rooms and improve aesthetics by emphasizing the beautiful, minimalist style of the project. They accomplish the latter task, among others, thanks to a wide range of masking strips of various shapes. Structures based on the system can be equipped with the following functions: tilt and turn (RU), tilt and turn (R) and tilt (U).

The solution presents very good thermal (Uw thermal insulation from 0.51 W/m²K) and airtightness properties thanks to, among other things, the special design of the central gasket, which at the same time guarantees effective drainage of the entire structure.

IW 50 windows can be glazed with single-chamber glass, as well as double-chamber packages up to 64 mm thick. The maximum height of the structure is 2400 mm, and the width is 1500 mm.

Nowość w ofercie Aluronu! Okno IW 50 zintegrowane z fasadą

A novelty in Aluron's offer! IW 50 window integrated with the facade


The IW 50 system, on the basis of which the first realizations have already been made, is another novelty within the framework of facade systems that Aluron has presented this year. This is because at the beginning of the year the world's unique AF 50KW Quantum zero-energy façade system with the possibility of installing active photovoltaic infills went on sale. However, this is not the last word the Zawiercie-based system provider has said this year on façade solutions and is already preparing for another product launch.

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