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Devices conducive to saving electricity and water from FRANKE

11 of March '23

In times of galloping prices and rising cost of living, we are all looking to save money. We rationalize expenses and try to choose wallet-friendly solutions. Properly selected kitchen appliances can help us do this.

Thekitchen is a room we use particularly intensively. It is therefore worthwhile to approach the choice of appliances carefully. This translates directly into a reduction of energy consumption, and as a result - the amount of our bills. In the average home, the induction hob and oven consume the most electricity. However, we can find ways to use them efficiently, without unnecessary energy waste. In the same way, by the way, it is worth approaching the issue of water consumption. So, how can we do it?

Piekarnik Mythos Płyta indukcyjna Mythos

Mythos oven and Mythos induction cooktop


We save electricity

On an induction cooktop, it is best to cook food covered and to match the size of the cookware to the heating field. This prevents energy from "escaping". A good solution here are induction hobs divided into many small fields, which can be combined with each other and adjusted to the size of the pot or pan. Such a solution has the Mythos indu ction hob with eight flex fields. Modern Mythos and Maris ovens, on the other hand, make it possible to bake up to four dishes simultaneously, without their flavors and aromas mixing. An interesting solution that can support us in saving electricity is the Mythos 2gether hob with integrated hood. Here we will also find the function of combining fields, what's more - the hood has the highest energy class A+++.

Bateria z serii Active

Active series mixer


We save water and energy

Modernly designed kitchen faucets can not only reduce water consumption, but also energy consumption. These include models from Franke's Active series, which feature ECO technology. It consists of a stepped lever and a temperature limiter. How does it work? One pull of the lever opens the water flow to 50%. This is just the right amount, with the right pressure, to perform most kitchen tasks. At the same time, the temperature limiter helps reduce the amount of hot water used, which is needed less often in the kitchen. To use this function, turn the ring nut located behind the mixer lever cover.

Bateria z serii Active

Active series mixer


Saving water

Saving water is certainly also helped by modern aerators in Franke faucets. They give a compact laminar stream that gently flows around the things being washed, without unnecessary splashes. The pull-out spout with shower function, on the other hand, will allow you to precisely direct the stream, so you'll use less water when washing the sink or large dishes every day. Franke' s Atlas Neo Sensor hybrid model is additionally equipped with an infrared sensor, which is used to trigger the water flow. After 30 seconds, the stream automatically shuts off or we can stop it at any time with a single movement. We will appreciate this feature, especially when our hands get dirty with dough, fruit juice or grease.

Nowadays, saving money is not only in good taste, but a simple necessity if we want to pledge the next generation a good place to live. Therefore, in addition to choosing appliances that are economical and environmentally friendly in use, we should also use them in a more conscious way. And so, the preheated oven for most dishes, we can turn off 5-10 minutes before the end of baking, the required temperature will be maintained during this time. In addition, after the end of baking, we can use the accumulated heat to reheat dishes and plates or coffee cups. The right equipment and good habits can really do a lot to reduce bills, comments Katarzyna Niezabitowska-Baj, Franke expert.

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