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Nova Królikarnia. An intimate estate in Warsaw's Mokotów district.

30 of July '21
Technical data
Name: Nova Królikarnia estate IV stage
Location: Poland, Warsaw
Studio: MFRMGR Architekci
Author team: Marta Frejda, Michał Gratkowski, Łukasz Ptak, Monika Forgacz


  • implementation

1st quarter 2022


  • development
  • total

3 099,46 m²
9 008,5 m²

Nova Królikarnia is a development under construction in Warsaw's Mokotów district, near Arkadia Park and Królikarnia, a classicist palace designed by Dominik Merlini. The local zoning plan, adopted in October 2008, envisaged the creation of an estate in this area inspired by the idea of a garden city, with low-rise buildings, emphasizing the view axes towards Królikarnia and a sixty percent ratio of biologically active area.

The "Pod Skocznią" area is being developed simultaneously by several developers. The Nova Królikarnia estate is an investment by Ronson, for which the design of residential buildings on the plot in the area of Jasminowa and Pora streets was created by Kurylowicz & Associates studio. Closer to Idzikowskiego Street, in turn, on the other side of a lake built by the developer, the design of another twenty houses was developed by architects from the Warsaw office of MFRMGR.

widok bird`s-eye viewwidok bird`s-eye viewwidok bird`s-eye view

bird's eye view

© MFRMGR Architects

The proposal of the MFRMGR team is a complex of low-rise, three-story buildings with a variety of buildings - among them are single-family houses, semi-detached houses and single-family duplexes. A total of forty-four residential units.

We wanted from the beginning of the design to sense the spatial relationship between the new buildings and their gardens. So that each resident would have a sense of comfort and intimacy in their home, but also identify with it," the designers explain. - That's why we designed a variety of buildings, rather than stamps. This also does not create an impression of monotony and boredom. We set out to create an intimate, compact development while keeping it open and creating a friendly neighborhood space, they add.

jeden of the houses in an intimate housing developmentjeden of the houses in an intimate housing developmentjeden of the houses in an intimate housing development

one of the houses in the intimate estate

© MFRMGR Architects

Arranged in three parallel lines, the buildings are minimalist cubes in which, depending on the functional layout, individual modules are slightly shifted or cut out in places. The main objectives of the designers were to obtain as much usable space inside the buildings as possible, while preserving as much outdoor area as possible, and to introduce new and preserve existing greenery, which, they stress, will provide shelter for birds and small animals in the changing climate.


mockup, top view

© MFRMGR Architects

Each of the houses will therefore be surrounded by greenery, and individual plots will be separated by low, prefabricated concrete walls. The facades of the entire complex will be consistent and kept in a light color scheme - finished with stucco or gray concrete bricks and visually warming blocks of wood.

The MFRMGR Architects team's project is just a fragment of the area's thriving development. Will the "Pod Skocznią" area, located in the south of Warsaw, really become a garden city filled with greenery? We will watch its expansion and development with interest.

elaborated: Ola Kloc

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