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Nursery in Łochów - architects' modern approach to light design

11 of March '22

Stunning lighting arrangements by Lena Lighting

The English-language nursery in Łochów impresses with its interiors and spectacular lighting. "Toddler's Corner" is distinguished by beautifully designed spaces and unusual lighting arrangements, which were created using highly energy-efficient lighting systems and lamps by Lena Lighting.

Zachwycający żłobek w Łochowie z oświetleniem Lena Lighting

Lighting of the nursery school in Łochów


The Lochow nursery is a perfect example of a modern, child-friendly space for the youngest children. The 1,400-square-meter building is equipped with beautiful playrooms, rest rooms, as well as rooms inspiring activity and recreation. They captivate not only with their appearance, but also with a well-thought-out concept that puts the needs and safety of children at the very center of attention.

A great role in this remarkable space is played by lighting. Energy-efficient lamps and lighting systems have been used spectacularly here. The unique lighting arrangements perfectly highlight, complement and sometimes even give expression to the interior.

The lighting design was implemented with environmentally friendly solutions in mind. Highly energy-efficient luminaires were mostly equipped with DALI power supplies, allowing the light intensity to be controlled as needed. Led luminaires combined with intelligent solutions make it possible to ensure very high savings in electricity consumption.

Zachwycający żłobek w Łochowie z oświetleniem Lena Lighting

Lighting of the nursery in Łochów


The nursery in Łochów is an example of a modern approach to designing spaces for the youngest. It is a welcoming, functional and safe space, whose interiors positively affect the mood and well-being of children. The atmosphere is also created here through lighting, which is a very important functional and decorative element. It is worth noting that the spectacular effect was achieved with the help of energy-efficient LED technology. LED lamps were used for lighting, which are part of the entire intelligent lighting system. Thanks to such solutions, the investment is highly energy-efficient, which not only significantly reduces operating costs, but also significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere

- says Łukasz Drewka Investment Director from Lena Lighting.

Among others, ELEGANTE LED SYSTEM and lamps from the BARIS LED and RQ LED or PALNO LED lines, produced by Lena Lighting in Wielkopolska, were used in the implementation.

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