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An oasis of greenery in the courtyard of Poznań City Hall - Atelier Starzak Strebicki

18 of March '20

One of the problems of many large Polish cities is the lack of infrastructure favorable to residents. Cars crowding everywhere force locals to embark on urban escapades in search of greenery.

A relatively simple solution to this issue, appreciated by many, is the creation of pocket parks, or green squares. One of these was built in the courtyard in front of Poznań City Hall, previously used as a parking lot. Atelier Starzak Strebicki designed a set of furniture - 14 movable deckchairs and 20 stationary pots with trees and flowers. The largest is circular surrounded by benches and wide deckchairs.

In addition, there is also a bicycle repair station, a watering can and a misting machine in front of the office. It is not only people who benefit from the new function of the square - the flowers growing in pots create a friendly environment in the city center for bees and other insects.

A mock-up of the square in front of Poznań City Hall

Photo: Atelier Starzak Strebicki

"Green deckchairs" are a popular form of developing empty squares in Poland. A similar installation can be used in the courtyard in front of the National Museum in Cracow. Used until now mainly by skateboarders, today it has become a resting place not only for museum visitors, but also for passersby. It is a meeting place and, on warm spring days, an urban sunbathing center.

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