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AXA Integrated Handle

18 of March '20

AXA's new release of integrated hardware is fast installation, high quality and reliability. The product is the perfect solution for both private interiors and high-traffic areas.

AXA's new proposal is an integrated handle. Integration in this case means faster, easier and more reliable.

Easier in the context of operating the hardware - through the procedure of integrating the elements, there is no brok, i.e. a pressure screw, the installation of which often posed difficulties. Analysis of advertised applications has shown that there is often a mismatch in the tightening force - customers use too much or too little. The broach is over-tightened or under-tightened and over time it becomes loose and falls out, resulting in the handle dropping. In addition, the handle support in the escutcheon has universal properties, so we don't need to know whether we have a left or right door, because the model we buy is suitable for both," says Marek Czyż, product manager of AXA Stenman.

© AXA Stenman Poland

With the requirements of modern construction, which is often an attempt to reconcile original architectural visions and developer possibilities, the AXA Stenman offer positively stands out. This is evidenced by the presence of AXA hardware in many realizations of respected studios, such as the apartment complex Rajska 8 in Gdansk designed by JEMS Architekci.

With a manufacturing plant located in Poland, the company has the flexibility to handle orders, as well as to supervise quality issues on its own. This care also manifests itself in a responsible approach to intellectual property, manifested by reserving its own designs, forms and solutions. The Fast Premium model has a protected handle shape that can be used with any sign from the company's portfolio.

The leading position in the anti-burglary sign segment, which AXA has been building continuously for more than twenty years, combined with a wide complementary offer, make the company not only a producer of handles, but also a partner that recognizes the needs of the market, hits the tastes of customers, and presents a unique and complete range of door hardware. Cooperation of developers or architects with such an entity guarantees almost unlimited possibilities.

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