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BARIS 52 LED - unlimited possibilities of light arrangements in offices

12 of April '21

The latest offering from Lena Lighting S.A. provides the possibility of professional and personalized lighting of both entire office spaces and individual workstations. BARIS 52 LED is not only high parameters and modern LED technology, but also a special design that allows you to create phenomenal light compositions.

BARIS 52 LED office lamps

Lamps from the BARIS LED family are modern and energy-efficient office lamps with classic proportions and minimalist design. BARIS 52 LED - a novelty in the series - allows you to create light lines of up to 6 meters in length without joining the profile and shade. Connectors and luminescent refractions in the shape of letters L, T, X allow arranging virtually unlimited sequences of straight lines, figures and patterns.

Attractive design and modern construction

Minimalist design and unique construction have been combined here with energy efficiency and solutions that increase the comfort of working with artificial light. The opal lampshade reduces the effect of glare, so BARIS 52 LED will be perfect even where work requires a lot of concentration.
It is also an excellent solution when it comes to saving money - in combination with intelligent control systems, the lamp will perfectly adjust the light intensity to the current needs, and thanks to the built-in sensor, it will turn off when no one is within its range.

Easy installation and maintenance

In addition to aesthetic qualities, high light performance and energy efficiency, the BARIS LED series also offers many conveniences in terms of installation and operation. The lamps are equipped with a unique suspension system and sling adjustment, and their modular, ergonomic design allows easy access to electronic components and quick replacement of the lampshade and light modules.

Attractive lighting for office spaces

BARIS LED series lamps can be an elegant and minimalist complement to interiors, as well as an element of spectacular light installations. They will look good in both smaller and larger office spaces and offices, as well as in representative rooms or halls, designed with flair.

BARIS 52 LED - parameters

  • Power range: 14 W - 84 W
  • Luminous flux: 1800 lm - 9600 lm
  • Colors: gray, white, black (other colors available on request)
  • Degree of protection: IP 44

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