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Bright from Nordic Tales - lighting for a classy investment

10 of April '21

Scandinavian design, associated with simplicity, almost austerity of form and sparing use of detail, today has many variations and shades. Unique, yet still very "northern", for example, is the Danish brand Nordic Tales. In its offerings, the Bright lighting line in particular stands out.

Klosze Bright Modeco lamps in public spacesKlosze Bright Modeco lamps in public spacesKlosze Bright Modeco lamps in public spaces

Bright Modeco

Bright lamp collection - milky glass and brass

Ceiling lamps with simple and elegant shapes were conjured from these materials. The lampshades gently diffuse the light, which in return transforms it into ice-milk spheres. The Bright line opens with Modeco Brass lamps. The name combines two styles: modernism and art deco, as the pattern marked a moment of greater, bolder interest in detail in the brand's history. A sphere with delicate grooving sometimes elongates into an egg-shaped form, called Modeco+. This lamp also comes in a table version.

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Bright Modeco Plus

Next up are the Bright Spot Brass, whose perfect sphericity is cleverly emphasized by a circular brass detail located asymmetrically. The lampshade in the next design, Bright Barocco, is like the pearl from which the style in art takes its name: a tad irregular and thus unique, as if frozen in a randomly chosen moment during the shaping of liquid glass.

The youngest child in the family is the Bright Breeze lamp, whose open cup was created from two layers of glass: the outer one is smooth and solid, the inner one gives the impression of liquid, warmed by light.

Klosze Bright Spot lamps in public spacesKlosze Bright Spot lamps in public spacesKlosze Bright Spot lamps in public spaces

Bright Spot

Bright Spot Brass lamps were designed for Aarhus Airport

Bright lamps are ideal lighting for public interiors. Bright Spot Brass, by the way, were designed for no small project - the airport in Aarhus, Denmark's second largest city! For although individually they seduce with living room elegance, they also look great in a group - their bleached light then becomes stronger, though still unobtrusive, and the brass circles create a decorative, modern mosaic in the space. Among the Polish projects in which Bright Spot lampshades have been used, the interior of Wroclaw's Krasnolód ice cream shop, designed by Dżem Studio, is worth mentioning. "Milky" spheres with brass details correspond beautifully with the chairs and the company logo, also in the shade of brass, the brick wall and the bright, cool colors in which the rest of the room is maintained. Dwarf is proof that a café, ice cream shop or other "dessert room" does not have to be heavily colored or rich in detail to attract with good taste (not only of the delicacies served there).

Klosze Bright Spot lamps in public spacesKlosze Bright Spot lamps in public spacesKlosze Bright Spot lamps in public spaces

Bright Spot

Design beyond styles

The other designs in the Bright line will also work well in all kinds of public interiors, for similar reasons to Spot: they are versatile and intriguing at the same time, and can give discreet light or - when you decide to have more of them - strong, though still friendly to the eyes. They will fit well into any style: from industrial to glamour. And the Scandinavian style? Let's not forget that the Nordic Tales brand proudly emphasizes its affiliation with the noble and strong current of Northern European design. Lighting from the Bright series fulfills all of its conditions - it is economical in form, practical, solid - and at the same time, through references to the history of artistic craftsmanship, invites you to play with form and play with radiance.

The distributor of the Nordic Tales brand for Poland is the Pufa Design store. The Pufa showroom is located in Kolobrzeg at 31 Balycka Street.

For more information, visit the company's Pufa Design page on the A&B portal and the Pufa Design company website.

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