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Opening eyes, heads and... doors

22 of November '19

Wednesday marked the end of the International Value Economy Congress - Open Eyes Economy Summit 2019, which opened our eyes and heads for two days. Continuing these good practices, this week we are opening up Krakow's architectural studios to you. Yesterday, architects from APA Czech_Duliński_Wróbel and Wizja Biuro Architektoniczne invited us to their thresholds.

On the second day of the Festival of Open Architectural Studios, we were hosted in two offices located in one building. Both studios were established at the beginning of the 1990s - APA Czech_Duliński_Wróbel in 1990, thus being one of the first original architectural studios in Poland, and Wizja - three years later, after its founder, Stanisław Deńka, returned from the United States.

Opowieści Stanisława Deńki o historii, projektach i realizacji pracowni towarzyszył przegląd slajdów

Stanislaw Denieka's story about the history, projects and realization of the studio was accompanied by a slide review

Photo: Lubomir Nikolov © A&B

The extremely hospitable architects told the event participants about their projects, how they work on them and the challenges they face.

You can read more about the event HERE, and today (22.11) we invite you to Lewicki Łatak Design Office and Horizone Studio.

See you there!


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