Aria series wiring accessories

05 of March '21

Aria series

The Aria series is a combination of modern design and ideal proportions. Internal decorative frames add originality to the products. Thanks to them, you can introduce delicate color accents, personalizing the fixtures according to your tastes. The illumination of switches in the Aria series is not only practical, but also stylistically interesting. The frame surrounding the keys gives a visually attractive effect, and we can choose from as many as 7 colors of backlighting. In addition to white and ecru, the offer includes, elegant, metalized hardware that works well in any interior. Monochromatic sets look very elegant. Colors can be freely combined with each other, taking advantage of the potential offered by external and internal frames. The delicate inner frame creates many opportunities to express yourself and create imaginative and unobvious combinations. Frames made of glass and metal are also available as part of the series will allow you to create a sophisticated interior with class. Black, white or gray glass looks very elegant and enhances the substantial interior design, while brushed aluminum undoubtedly emphasizes modernity. Original products from the Aria series, with a simple shape and ideal proportions surrounded by a glass or metal frame will allow you to create a composition that will be a sophisticated decoration of the arrangement. The versatility of the frames allows you to create any combination of products both vertically and horizontally. Frames are available in configurations from 1 to 4-fold.

This modular collection includes, among others: switches, dimmers, plug sockets, RTV-SAT, antenna, computer and telephone sockets, motion sensor, temperature regulators and many others. In addition, it offers a range of complementary elements to create a customized composition, including adapters, wall boxes and frames (from single to five-fold) or plugs.

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