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Other Walks in Wroclaw. On the trail of the artistic residential district

21 of July '20

This Saturday, July 25, from the Tadeusz Kosciuszko Square in Wroclaw will start a #otherthanall walk in the footsteps of culture and art. Cinemas, galleries and long conversations in trendy cafes, and glowing neon signs overhead! The House of Peace Foundation invites you to another tour in the footsteps of the cultural life of the city.

Another walk through the streets of Wroclaw will take place this Saturday, July 25, at 11:00 am. Anna Bieliz and Kuba Żary will guide the tour through the artistic residential district. The meeting will take place at the "Renoma" department store at 40 Świdnicka Street, side entrance from Kosciuszko Square. To participate in the walk, one must sign up. Participants will receive a map showing the most important points of the walk with a brief description. The event will also include a lecture on the history of BWA Wroclaw.

Kosciuszko Square in Wroclaw

Before World War II, cultural life was centered around the city's most magnificent cinemas - the Tauentzien Theater and the Ufa-Theater - among others, but it also flourished in numerous clubs or cafes. Postwar Breslau took on an avant-garde flavor, thanks to the Mona Lisa Gallery, organized by Jerzy Ludwinski in the hall of the iconic International Book and Press Club. It was also at that time that DESA and the Music and Literature Club, which can still be found in Kosciuszko Square, were established. They were later joined by a branch of Wrocław's BWA dedicated to glass and ceramics.

other walks

Other Walks is a series of walks around the center of Wroclaw, organized in cooperation with the Office of City Promotion and Tourism and the Office of Economic Development. The aim is to promote looking at the city center from a different perspective, as everyone has their center somewhere else. The heart of the city beats in local businesses, residents and unusual stories - get to know these stories! The "Other Center" project is growing under the wings of the House of Peace Foundation.

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