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Zeranski Park may soon be coming to fruition. A contract has been signed for the project

07 of May '21

In 2019, the city settled the competition for Żeranski Park. Two years later, it was able to sign a contract for the design documentation. The new park will be built on the basis of the winning concept.

Projekt Parku Żerańskiego

photo: topoScape

The new park will be located on the western waterfront of the Zeran Canal. It is a neglected, post-industrial area located in Białołęka. The Warsaw Greenery Board has just signed a contract for the design documentation.

This will be the largest park in this part of Warsaw. We will create it on an exceptional site - 13 hectares, where we have both greenery and water. We want to take advantage of these natural conditions and create a unique space for rest and recreation here.

Justyna Glusman, Director Coordinator of Sustainability and Greenery.

Konferencja prasowa

Press conference at the Żerań Canal

photo: UM Warszawa

The contract includes the execution of the project "Development of green areas on the Żerań Canal". Its area will stretch from Modlinska Street to Plochocinska Street. The industrial character of the immediate area, including the unfinished river port and former prefabrication plants, is to be commemorated in the park itself. The architectural forms that will appear there will draw inspiration from it. An important element will be the preservation and introduction of new ecological niches. Native and non-invasive trees will be planted in the park, there will also be supplemental plantings and the existing stand of trees will be maintained.

Projekt parku

photo: topoScape

There will be little interference in the northern part of the park - the area will be secured and cleaned up. However, the southern part will be developed. It is here that a network of pedestrian and bicycle paths, playgrounds made of natural materials, gyms and a dog zone will be created. Also envisaged are pavilions with catering facilities, which will intermingle with the park space through open courtyards with gardens, terraces and pergolas.

Projekt parku

Photo: topoScape

The first prize in the 2019 competition was awarded to the topoScape studio. The project was developed by a team consisting of Justyna Dziedziejko, Magdalena Wnęk - topoScape; Maciej Kaufman, Marcin Maraszek - archigrest; Hubert Trammer, Natalia Trochonowicz. The project envisages, among other things, small pavilions with gastronomic, sports and social functions, as well as a viewing tower.

projekt parku

photo: topoScape

Kacper Kępiński

The vote has already been cast