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Chic Lounge Chair - stretch out in comfort

07 of May '21

The iconic Chic Lounge chair was created in 2018, based on a design by renowned French designer Christophe Pillet. This is the third model, after Chic and Chic Air, created by the designer specifically for the Profim brand. Several years after its entry into the market, the piece of furniture continues to enjoy popularity and recognition. Awarded at international competitions Red Dot Award in the Product Design 2019 category and German Design Award 2020 in the "Excellent Product Design" category, it surprises with its thoughtful form and aesthetics.

© Profim

In the office and at home

Chic Lounge armchair is not only a fine form, which will be perfect for residential interiors, but also for public spaces. It is characterized by ergonomics and precise workmanship, which guarantee maximum comfort of use. Designed with extreme care, it offers the possibility of combining leather and fabric. The Chic Lounge collection also includes a footrest and a cushion, and the chair itself has two versions of the backrest: high and low. The whole is available on a thin metal skid-type frame or on a 4-arm base in black, metallic, chrome, white, gray, graphite and gold versions. The body of the armchair is made of a metal frame flooded with polyurethane foam, thanks to which the furniture has an ergonomic profiled shape.

The minimalist design of Chic Lounge armchairs makes them suitable for office interiors, hotel lobbies or common and relaxation areas. Their slender form will also decorate a home living room or study. The comfortable profiling and streamlined shape are sure to encourage relaxation with a good book or meetings with friends over coffee. In addition, the Chic model in the F version allows the seated person to rock gently, pleasantly.

© Profim

Who's behind it?

Clarity of expression, the search for simplicity, but also balanced elegance are the main principles guiding Christophe Pillet's work.

His mastery of sensuality and subtlety have made him one of the few French designers who have achieved worldwide fame in designing hotels, boutiques and in directing artistic projects in the US, UK and Japan. Pillet has earned international recognition for the scale and quality of his work. From architecture to facility transformation, furniture design to art direction, the projects signed with his name are inextricably linked to top prestigious brands, including: Lacoste, Jean-Claude Jitrois, Catherine Malandrino, Lancel, Le Tannneur International. For Profim, he designed premiere collections: Chic, Chic Air and tables complementing the Chic line.

For architects and all those interested in design and office interior design, Flokk has prepared a database of objects for AutoCAD, 3DS Max and Arcon, as well as a set of textures.

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Profim is a local brand in a global world. The brand has been building its position in the European market for 30 years, and has been a member of the Flokk group for nearly three years. Looking for clever solutions combined with a practical approach to design is the secret of our success. We believe that beautiful interiors can be created within any budget. Greatly designed furniture can be affordable and of high quality. This is how we understand good design.

Flokk - our designs focus on concern for well-being and productivity, and we have made it our goal to inspire better work for our customers in different countries. In an ever-changing world, we have opted for a human-centered approach and deeply thoughtful designs. We create innovative visual concepts and then - in collaboration with other talented professionals (such as architects) - turn them into comfortable spaces. The experts who support us are at the service of our clients and customers to work with them to arrange almost any workplace or public space.

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