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There will be a new housing estate in Wroclaw - "Perspective - Urban Villas" project by Group-Arch

31 of March '20
Technical data
Name: "Perspective" - City Villas
Location: , Wroclaw
Planned realization: 2022
Investor: Bouygues Immobilier Polska

In the vicinity of the Shipping Canal and the Oder River, along which one will be able to stroll on sunny days, a new development called "Perspective " - Urban Villas - will be built. It will be thirteen low-rise buildings that will fit into the surrounding architecture of single-family houses. The project is expected to be completed as early as 2022.

There will be 169 apartments - all with balconies or gardens. Each villa will have three floors and between 12 and 16 apartments. Their area varies between 28 m² and 85 m², the largest will be four-room apartments. Percpective - Urban Villas is being built with young families in mind, so the developer has not forgotten about the youngest residents - a playground and a recreation area have been designed within the estate. A garage hall is also planned, which will accommodate 171 parking spaces, as well as storerooms and rooms for storing bicycles. The author of the project is the Wroclaw studio GROUP-ARCH Sp.z o.o..

According to Łukasz Paryś, director of the Wroclaw branch of Bouygues Immobilier:

The low-rise development is an ideal solution for this location, offering an intimate atmosphere to its residents, which blends well with the surroundings of single-family houses found in this part of Wroclaw.

„Perspective” – Wille Miejskie

"Perspective" - Urban Villas

© Bouygues Immobilier

The life of "Perspective" residents is to revolve around an old oak tree. Around it there will be an illuminated square, which, in the designers' intention, will be a central place for meeting and relaxation. It was the oak tree, which is more than a century old, that was the main inspiration and point of reference for the creation of the green avenue where all the buildings will stand. The shape of the oak leaf - geometrized and stylized, became the decorative leitmotif for the entire project. It will be noticeable, among other things, on the balcony railings, the fence, or in the shutters at the entrances to the individual buildings. The villas will be finished with decorative ceramic tiles, giving them a minimalist but elegant look.

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