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#City Video Talks. Piotr Fokczynski on legal and administrative tools for space management

06 of October '22

#Video Talks about the City

We present another video in our series of short statements by architects, urban planners, scientists and people connected with architecture and its related fields, "#Video Talks about the City." Each day we present video recordings from the panel organized by the Malopolska Regional Chamber of Architects of the Republic of Poland as part of the International Architecture Biennale Krakow 2021, and right now we encourage you to send in more questions you would like us to ask the experts (you can send your questions to:

The guests invited by the Chamber address issues that can be divided into five topics: principles of development of urban structures, the role of space in shaping social attitudes, spatial planning tools, revitalization of space, zones and educational facilities, and preparation and professionalization of tasks.


Legal and administrative tools for space management - are effective regulations for efficient land use management possible?


Piotr Fokczynski - Architect of the City of Wroclaw in 2003-2021, Director of the Department of Architecture and Construction of the City Hall in Wroclaw in 2003-2022, Coordinator of the project Nowe Żerniki (WUWA 2) in 2010-2018, Vice-Chairman of the Lower Silesian Regional Chamber of Architects in 2001-2018, President of the National Council of the Chamber of Architects of the Republic of Poland in the term 2022-2026.

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