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Future Plans. Architecture of Warsaw in projects - an exhibition in Zodiac!

31 of July '20

The exhibition at the Zodiac Warsaw Architecture Pavilion will feature more than 100 works from approx. 50 design studios. All this to reflect together on the future of architecture in the capital. How will it be built? How will the landscape change? Consideration of the future is time to start!

What buildings will enrich the landscape of Warsaw? Which projects have won competitions? What are the trends in residential architecture and in the design of public spaces? This is what the 25th anniversary edition of the exhibition "Plans for the Future" shows.

We have designs and mock-ups of public buildings, office buildings, housing estates and single-family houses, " lists Dorota Katner, curator from the "Lowiczka" Center.- We also show student works, including concepts for the redevelopment of Lowiczka for the needs of, among others, people with disabilities.

The pavilion also features the latest film in the series "Inside an Architect" and anniversary interviews with 25 people important to Warsaw, who share their thoughts on the city's transformation over the last quarter century. They include Ewa Kurylowicz, Chris Niedenthal, Mariusz Szczygiel, Joanna Rajkowska and Marlena Happach.

The city is changing before our eyes. The exhibition shows, among others, the New Center of Warsaw - a project of the most important investments in the very center of the capital. And also visions of transforming post-industrial areas, such as the Szwedzka Street area, or new standards for schools, " says Marlena Happach, City Architect.

All editions have showcased more than 2,400 Warsaw investments. In 2016, the exhibition won the Architectural Award of the President of the City of Warsaw for Best Architectural Event. It is organized by the Łowicka Center in cooperation with the City of Warsaw and OW SARP.

See a report from the opening!

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