ARIA PRATO paving slabs

11 of April '21
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ARIA PRATO paving slabs

Equipped with innovative pro-environmental technology, Aria paving slabs make it possible to reduce air pollutants and support the active fight against health-hazardous smog. All this is due to the top layer, because the Aria ecological slab has nanocrystalline titanium dioxide TiO2 in its composition. What is its secret? Ecological building materials from the Aria series, subjected to the process of photocatalysis, remove extremely dangerous for the human body NOx nitrogen oxides, which are found in polluted air and are up to ten times more harmful than carbon monoxide. Only UV radiation occurring in sunlight is required to initiate the purification process, so the Aria plates are practically continuously "working" in our favor. The nanocrystalline titanium dioxide is not leached during its service life, so it remains present in an unchanged form during the entire life cycle of the concrete element.

Moreover, the exterior slab from Dasag containing TiO2 has the ability to self-clean from various types of organic dirt.

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