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Solutions ideal for hotel bathrooms

13 of April '21

Simple and elegant design combined with advanced technology.
From the series "Hotels - arrangements and trends 2021".

Comfort on a whole new level, surprising versatility and well-thought-out concepts in accordance with the highest standards characterize Geberit collections fully adapted to hotel bathrooms.

The time of the pandemic has presented the hotel industry with a number of entirely new challenges. According to Agnieszka Dabrowska, president of the operator company PI Apartamenty&Hotele, the biggest of these is ensuring sanitary safety for guests. The use of shared sanitary facilities such as flush toilets and sink faucets in public bathrooms can cause concern. How do you ensure the hygiene of surfaces that are touched by many people every day? Regular disinfection is essential here, but from the point of view of the owner of a hotel or restaurant, it carries huge costs, related to the purchase of cleaning products and the salaries of employees. Therefore, according to Agnieszka Dabrowska, a side effect of the coronavirus pandemic will be a change in the approach of investors to the equipment of hotel rooms and bathrooms.

Touchless systems: faucets, dispensers and flush buttons are an absolute "must have" in new investments when it comes to public spaces, according to the president of PI Apartments&Hotels.

Geberit Plave

Photo: © Geberit

Touchless hygiene

Geberit Piave and Geberit Brenta sink faucet models, designed by London-based design studio Christoph Behling Design, are characterized by a slim, timeless and elegant form. They provide the possibility of exceptionally hygienic hand washing, as they are switched on and off without contact. They are mainly dedicated to toilets in public buildings such as hotels. Both versions of the faucets can be combined with virtually any sink design. The wall-mounted faucets are supplied in lengths of 170 mm and 220 mm to accommodate many possible combinations. The beautiful faucet housings are made of chrome-plated brass.

Geberit Brenta

Photo: © Geberit

More space

Increasingly, we need solutions that are not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. A good choice is the Geberit Acanto bathroom collection, which is characterized by an interesting design and maximum freedom of arrangement. Individual products can be freely combined and juxtaposed with each other. Its subtle design fits into any hotel bathroom, especially since it also leaves room for creative freedom of arrangement. Slender bathroom furniture provides storage space even in small bathrooms, while innovative solutions guarantee above-average hygiene - edgeless toilets make cleaning easy, and toilet seats can be easily removed thanks to the QuickRelease function. The Acanto line is an example of functionality that can be adapted to any interior and individual needs of public facilities.

Geberit Acanto

photo: © Geberit

Geberit AquaClean Mera washing toilet

Comfort at a whole new level. Available in Classic and Comfort versions. The AquaClean Mera Classic model is fully equipped according to the highest standards. The equipment includes a very effective and quiet odor removal function, a smart warm air dryer and a remote control that allows the functions to be handled intuitively, giving the possibility to save individual user settings. The Comfort model has additional, well-being-enhancing features, such as a discreet orientation light activated by a proximity sensor, which immediately attracts attention by providing direction at night. When the user approaches the toilet, the seat rises automatically, so there is no need to lift it with your hands. The same proximity sensor, when it catches movement, begins to heat up the ergonomically shaped toilet seat. All these functions, when idle, use virtually no electricity. A gentle, invigorating washing shower. The washing function, the most important element of a washing toilet, is a groundbreaking, revolutionary engineering achievement in the case of Geberit AquaClean Mera Classic and Comfort models. Geberit's patented WhirlSpray spray technology is based on two nozzles and, thanks to a pulsating water jet enhanced by dynamic aeration, provides targeted, exceptionally thorough and at the same time extremely pleasant washing. When using this model of washing toilet, you will not be surprised by a stream of cold water: its supply system has heating functions.

Mera Total White, Sigma 50

Photo: © Geberit

Flush and frame - the perfect duo

Not only the cistern, but also the frame is responsible for user safety. The design of both elements in the latest generation of Geberit products includes a number of solutions, introduced after comprehensive laboratory tests. They serve to improve acoustic performance, reduce the amount of water used to flush the toilet and simplify installation - naturally, while maintaining quality parameters. Tests, conducted by independent, certified institutes, confirmed that Geberit frames can safely withstand a load of 400 kg for many years of use with only 4 fixing points. It is worth noting that 400 kg is a control load - the Geberit rack safely carries loads even several times higher.

Duofix Sigma21 frame with Original shell

Photo: © Geberit

For more information, visit the company's GEBERIT Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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