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New visual identity of the Polish-German architectural award

07 of October '20

The competition organized by the Society of Polish Architects (SARP) and the Bund Deutscher Architekten (BDA) to develop a visual identity for the Annual Polish-German Integration Award BDA-SARP has been decided! The winner was a design by Mikołaj Niewęgłowski - a symbolic logotype inspired by the border line connecting the two countries.

TheBDA-SARP Prize has been awarded for 19 years for the best master's degree project defended at Polish or German universities. The subject of the works submitted to the competition is the environment of human social activity in the future. The competition finals and accompanying workshops are held alternately in Poland or Germany.

In January of this year, a competition was announced for architecture students to develop a new, coherent visual identity for the Annual Polish-German Integration Award BDA-SARP. The jury composed of: Jacek Lenart (chairman of the jury, SARP), Prof. Ryszard Wilk (vice-chairman of the jury, SARP), Jan Wirth (BDA), Dr. Olaf Bahner (BDA), Grzegorz Stiasny (SARP) and Agnieszka Mietlicka (organizing secretary on the part of SARP, without voting rights) awarded the main prize and three equal honorable mentions.

Main Prize

Nagroda Główna,proj.: Mikołaj Niewęgłowski

Main Prize, designed by Mikołaj Niewęgłowski

© Mikolaj Niewęgłowski

The Main Prize was won by Mikolaj Niewablowski for:

The original logotype of the Annual Polish-German Integration Award BDA-SARP, which is a completely new look at the common border of Germany and Poland as a sign. A sign, not of division, but of unification, where a simple tailor's stitch sews together the efforts of BDA and SARP in reaching for the better in creating a common space.

three honorable mentions

Honorable mentions were awarded to:

Karolina Kajda

for a graphic sign that is legibly architectural in its choice of language, being a formally indisputable symbol of the German-Polish community in shaping the thought of building space.

wyróżnieniehonorowe, proj.: Karolina Kajda

honorable mention, proj.: Karolina Kajda

© Karolina Kajda

Aleksandra Żak and Michał Starzak

for the aesthetic expression of the multi-layered form of the colorful medal containing references to the national colors of Poland and Germany in an abstract form. The jury appreciated the creativity of the design containing many variants of applications including a postage stamp design proposal.

wyróżnieniehonorowe, proj.: Aleksandra Żak i Michał Starzak

honorable mention, proj.: Aleksandra Żak and Michał Starzak

© Aleksandra Żak, Michał Starzak

Krzysztof Żak

for its clear and concise language that translates the German-Polish relationship into beautiful contemporary graphics. The sculpture represents a special sensuality through its handcrafted materiality.

honorowe, proj.: Krzysztof Żak

honorable mention, proj.: Krzysztof Żak

© Krzysztof Żak

The competition was organized with the support of the Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation.

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Illustrations courtesy of the contest organizers

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