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Museum in Krasnik in a new way

08 of October '20

A few weeks ago, the Lublin Museum was elevated to the status of a National Museum. Its modernized and expanded branch of the Museum in Krasnik will soon open. Visitors will be able to enjoy the rich archaeological, ethnographic and historical collections in the new spaces of the added wing.

The Lublin Museum, which has recently become the National Museum in Lublin, is closing another stage of a project co-financed by the European Union's European Regional Development Fund. It assumed conservation work and the purchase of equipment for two of the Museum's facilities: the main branch - at Lublin Castle - and theRegional Museum in Krasnik.

renovation and expansion of the museum

The Kraśnik branch underwent a comprehensive modernization of the existing building, with the construction of a new wing. The project was prepared by the Nizo Design studio. The undertaking carried out in the facilities included in the project was intended - in addition to construction issues - tomodernize and enlarge the exhibition space, as well as to significantly improve the comfort of visiting and working in the Museum, and to thematically link the various facilities to create a logical sequence of visiting exhibitions. Significant new space and space for cultural and educational activities have been created, based on newly arranged and new exhibitions in the project facilities. The buildings have gained modernized monitoring and security systems.

Muzeum w Kraśniku, oddział Muzeum Narodowego w Lublinie

Modernized former museum building

© National Museum in Lublin

contrasting combination

The new wing in Krasnik has a very simple form. It is a cuboid added to the side elevation of the old museum building. It is entirely covered with galvanized sheet metal, which corresponds with the roof of the old building. It is a small, two-story building in the manor house style. It was extensively remodeled as part of the modernization. The new wing contrasts with the traditional block. The lack of windows is also advantageous from an exposure point of view. Sources of daylight will not hinder the presentation of objects. It is also easier to obtain conservation conditions in such rooms, especially for presenting works on paper or archival photographs. The museum is now fully air-conditioned and also adapted to the needs of the disabled. The investment also made it possible to significantly expand the museum's space from ca. 280 sqm to over 600 sqm. Thanks to this, it will be possible to accommodate more than two thousand exhibits related to one of the most important elements of Kraśnik's heritage - the history of the 24th Cavalry Regiment named after Crown Hetman Stanislaw Zolkiewski, stationed in Kraśnik from 1922 to 1939.

Muzeum w Kraśniku, ekspozycja

Fragment of the exhibition

© National Museum in Lublin

new exhibitions

The following exhibitions were created at the Kraśnik branch: "24th Uhlan Regiment. History and Tradition", Ethnographic Exhibition "Folk Culture and Art of the Kraśnik Region" and a Board Exhibition on the history of Kraśnik entitled "Kraśnik on old photographs". "Kraśnik in an old photograph". This is an excellent opportunity to expose Kraśnik's collections, especially archaeological relics known far beyond Kraśnik. The museum also has valuable and interesting regional, historical, ethnographic collections, which will become the basis for the above-mentioned exhibitions.

The official opening of the museum took place on October 7, 2020. After October 12, the exhibitions will be opened to the public.

Helena Postawka-Lech

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