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Elegant modernity

08 of April '22

In a world where cost-cutting and budget restraint is the norm, architects from P3 studio were given a unique opportunity - an almost unlimited opportunity when designing a house. The only guidelines - ample space and a view of the garden.

architekci mieli (prawie) nieograniczoną możliwość podczas projektowania

The architects had (almost) unlimited possibilities when designing

© Pracownia Architektury P3

The name Dom Poznań is misleading, for the building itself was located near the city. The investor allowed the architects a free vision and (almost) unlimited possibilities. The plot on which the house was placed exceeds six hectares, while the villa itself has an area equal to 850 square meters.

działka na której postawiono dom wynosi ponad sześć hektarów

The plot on which the house was placed is more than six hectares

© P3 Architecture Studio

ThePoznań house was divided into two zones centered on a covered atrium. It was important to maximize the opening to the garden. The body itself does not give a hint of how big the building is. Huge glazing along with unique white brick in a long format allow to optically reduce the solid in the surroundings.

rzut Poznań House

projection of Poznań House

© P3 Architecture Studio

Architect Sebastian Nowakowski of P3 Architecture Studio talks about what it's like to have a free hand, why the atrium is being introduced and why Poznań House is a unique opportunity.

Wiktor Bochenek: What did the investors require above all?

Sebastian Nowakowski: The main guidelines were space and a view of the garden, which became our starting point. The investors, knowing our previous realizations, left us full freedom of design.

tarasy stanowią istotny element domu

Terraces are an important part of the house

© P3 Architecture Studio

Wiktor Bochenek:How was thebody ofthis building formed- how did you try to find abalance between glazing and walls?

Sebastian Nowakowski: The form of the building is modern and elegant. It is the result of the maximum view opening of the interior to the garden. Practically every living room has a beautiful view. This is made possible by huge glazing, which at the same time gives lightness to the mass, counterbalancing the solid walls. The mass visually reduces its considerable volume with the help of a sculpted composition of massive frames, glass and roofing.

na fasadzie zdecydowano się na specjalną, białą i długą cegłę

On the facade, a special white and long brick was chosen

© P3 Architecture Studio

Wiktor Bochenek: As with Corten House, you decided to introduce an atrium - where did this idea come from?

Sebastian Nowakowski: By its function, the atrium reinforces the interpenetration of the garden with the house in its central part, which at the same time illuminates the interior of the block. In addition, it connects the day wing and the night wing together. The first floor, is a private zone of rest and relaxation for the owners. Such a functional division provides peace and quiet for all household members.

Budynek zbliżono do ulicy, aby stworzyć jak największą przestrzeń ogrodową

The building is brought closer to the street to create as much garden space as possible

© P3 Architecture Studio

Wiktor Bochenek: What are you most satisfied with?

Sebastian Nowakowski: In the project we assumed the highest quality materials concrete, natural stone, glass louvers, and a unique type of hand-formed long brick. This combination of materials creates an impression of luxury, while we as architects value nobility and durability. The investor expected an ideal "tailor-made" house. A building unique and with flair. There are no grand, blown-out ideas, there is space, being a luxury in itself.

Wiktor Bochenek: Thank you for the interview!

Poznań House

Poznan House

© P3 Architecture Studio

interviewed Wiktor Bochenek

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