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Viega pressed systems in the factory of WIKA Polska

11 of December '19

The durability and safety of indoor installations take on particular importance in the case of manufacturing plants. Here they must be prepared for extremely high operating loads. That's why Viega copper and stainless steel systems were relied on in the new WIKA factory hall in Wloclawek. Industrial and domestic water installations were made in them.

WIKA Poland is a continuation of the 100-year tradition of the Kujawy Manometer Factory, whose history dates back to 1916. In December 2000. KFM merged with strategic partner WIKA Alexander Wiegand GmbH & Co. and has been part of the multinational ever since. Currently, more than 31 million instruments per year come off the production lines in Wloclawek and the production area is 22,333 m². Priority in the company's policy is given to maintaining the highest quality standards. This applies not only to the production process itself, but also to the entire technical infrastructure, including internal installations. Viega's proven products perfectly meet these criteria.

Optimal selection of materials

The Sanpress Inox system has been used in the installation of domestic and process water (diameters up to 108 mm) and demineralized water (up to 64 mm). Stainless steel, from which pipes and fittings are manufactured, is the best possible solution in terms of corrosion resistance. Combined with safe cold pressing technology, this material guarantees many years of installation durability, trouble-free operation and reliable performance.

Another Viega solution used in the new assembly hall in Wloclawek is Profipress, a proven system of copper and bronze press fittings designed to connect classic copper pipes compliant with PN-EN 1057. It has been used for argon (diameters up to 22 mm), vacuum (up to 64 mm), silicone oil (up to 64 mm) and compressed air (up to 108 mm) installations.

A key issue for the assembly work at the WIKA plant was to ensure that the pressure in the installations was strictly regulated, as this could affect the final quality of the products manufactured there. Viega's proven systems guarantee precise maintenance of these parameters. Domestic, process and demineralized water installations operate at a constant pressure of 6 bar. For argon installations it is 5 bar, for glycerine 5.6 bar, and for compressed air 10.5 bar.

Faster and safer installation

The Viega systems used at WIKA's factory are based on modern cold pressing technology. It saves up to 50% of time compared to other ways of joining pipes. In addition, pressing fittings instead of soldering copper or welding corrosion-resistant steel definitely reduces the risk of contractor error.

We have worked with Viega systems before, when installing systems in other halls. Both the investor and we, as a contractor company, are very satisfied with this solution. The press technique incredibly simplifies and speeds up the work, especially with large diameters. The assembly is much more accurate and safer than in the case of welding or soldering," explains Piotr Kurlapski, site engineer at Hydro-Kan, which performed installations at the factory in Włocławek.

For more information, visit VIEGA 's A&B website.

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