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Flat roofs - a trend in construction

11 of December '19

Flat roofs are a trend in construction that has been very popular with investors for years. Firstly, such a solution can be much cheaper, and secondly, it allows to design the currently fashionable "green" roofs.

However, in order for a flat roof to perform its function for years, when designing them, special attention should be paid to the proper drainage of rainwater in the form of rain, snow or ice. Current construction technologies make it possible to make practical and effective roof insulation in a much simpler way than just a few or a dozen years ago. Until now, most projects were based on making a slope in the roof structure itself. The latest technologies make it possible to "bypass" this step with the help of special polystyrene boards, designed to insulate flat roofs. The system of professional sloping boards produced by Styropmin consists of Styrolamin NRO boards, as well as Dachomin RE 15 and RE 30 boards, among others, which can come in the form of sloping wedges with a variable surface slope of up to 15 degrees. They are characterized by excellent thermal insulation properties, and in addition, the roofing with a thermal insulation layer made of these panels obtains a fire resistance class of RE15 or RE30, as well as in terms of behavior to the impact of external fire - class BROOF(t1). The use of a system of professional styrofoam panels allows, among other things, effective drainage of water. Importantly, it also prevents the accumulation of dust and silt, eliminating the risk of the development of microorganisms such as algae and fungi. What is extremely important - the team of Styropmin is able to prepare an individual design of sloping boards, responding to the needs of a specific construction site. Based on the technical drawing of the roof with the indicated drainage method, the technical team develops professional technical documentation, which takes into account the elements of the sloping board system. Ultimately, the customer receives the finished, cut and labeled elements, along with a description of how to lay them on the roof.

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