GLOBAL SYSTEM Wojciech Jawor

GLOBAL SYSTEM is a company based on 100% Polish capital. We are a leading manufacturer of fire doors, and fire curtains, smoke curtains and handling systems.

The products we offer are the latest achievement of fire engineering in terms of separating fire zones, preventing the spread of fire and directing smoke inside the building.

The main products manufactured by the company to ensure fire safety, are fire doors of various classes of fire resistance and in various types:

- rolling,

- sliding,

- drop doors.

Smoke curtains manufactured by GLOBAL SYSTEM are used to separate smoke zones, and their main task is to direct smoke to a specific location.

Another product group is reloading systems, which include:

- electro-hydraulic loading ramps with a hinged lip and an extendable lip,

- dock seals,

- add-on reloading stations,

- reloading bridges,

- a full range of accessories used in reloading technology.

The company's offer also includes: industrial sectional roll-up gates and high-speed gates.

Thanks to the company's twenty years of experience in selling fire doors and docking systems, we are able to provide customers with comprehensive solutions that allow them to equip their buildings with products from a single supplier. In addition, GLOBAL SYSTEM provides professional installation of its products.

The supplied products and equipment are designed with the highest standards and CE safety standards in mind, and the process of their implementation into the market confirms compliance with current and strict regulations and standards.

Since the beginning of its activity, the company focuses on innovation and the highest possible quality of products. In addition, we cooperate with designers and investors, effectively advising and providing technical support in the selection of appropriate solutions.

We always provide professional and comprehensive technical advice from the design phase to implementation.

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