Polentex was founded in 1992 in Gdansk, Poland. Initially, as one of the first companies on the Polish market, we offered lease mats. At present, we have been producing object-oriented system doormats for more than a dozen years.

From the beginning, our company's goal was to minimize the amount of dirt brought on the soles of shoes into the facilities. In order to meet these tasks, we make sure that our products are created from the highest quality raw materials. By putting quality first, we are able to meet the most demanding projects. Clean Entrance Zones created by us are a profitable investment for many years. It is not only a saving in taking care of the cleanliness and comfort of facility users, but also an unforgettable first impression and prestige.

Our solutions can be found every day, in many public facilities, restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, as well as in the entrances to homes and residential buildings. We carry out projects throughout Poland and abroad.

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