DOSPEL Sp. z o.o.

Today DOSPEL is one of the most recognized brands in the ventilation industry, but it started its business in a completely different field. The company's history dates back to 1974. When Boguslaw Mysliwiec opened a small service plant specializing in engine repairs. The plant quickly won the trust of customers, so the owner decided to expand the business profile. In 1980r. The company decided to enter the household appliances market with the production of electric curling irons. The dynamic growth of the company allowed further investments, expanding the range of products. Six years later, in buildings located on Leśna Street in Częstochowa, DOSPEL began producing fans.

With the advent of the 1990s, mass production of fans begins. The company built two new halls and expanded its service area to the foreign market. Thanks to sales representatives, the network of distributors grew to a huge size. DOSPEL had already become a recognizable brand and began to be associated as the Leader of ventilation. The product range began to be adjusted on an ongoing basis to meet the changing needs of customers. Even more attention began to focus on the quality and durability of products, keeping in mind the design corresponding to current trends. Manufactured products obtain certificates proving compliance with international quality and safety standards. Another expansion of the production halls takes place. The complex expands to 4000m2.

In 2000. Sebastian Mysliwiec becomes the president of the company. DOSPEL grows at an unbelievably fast pace both in terms of area and product range. Already at this stage, DOSPEL Comfort and DOSPEL Professional, offer a variety of domestic fans, industrial fans, ventilation terminals, ventilation systems with heat recovery and ventilation and air-conditioning units. Thus, the company has dominated the Polish market and become a leader in ventilation.

Further dynamic development of the company results in the establishment of the first foreign branches in Europe, including Russia and Germany. The position of Ventilation Leader is consolidated by exporting products to more than 50 countries around the world. This confirms the credibility of the manufacturer offering a technologically advanced product at the most attractive price on the market. The quality of DOSPEL Professional offer has been repeatedly confirmed by numerous certificates. With customers in mind, the company has introduced the ISO Quality Management System and has all the required quality and safety approvals. In addition, sales offices located throughout the country, facilitate access to products, and advisors working in them will always help in choosing the right device.

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