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The best way to protect yourself from smog, viruses and dust

Łukasz Studnicki
28 of December '20

A filter that will protect you and your family from viruses and smog

DOSPEL's MAB filters with EU12/H12 filtration class block 99.5% of pollutants from the environment. This is the best way to protect against smog, dust and particles that pose a threat to our health.

In the MAB filter, it is possible to use filtration with a class that meets even the most stringent medical criteria. Among other things, it fits into air recuperation air handling units - PRAUZER and SELEN II.

Najlepsza metoda ochrony przed
smogiem, wirusami i pyłem © DOSPEL

The best method of protection against smog, viruses and dust


    Capacity of 600m3/h. Modern silver nanoparticle technology used in the air handling unit neutralizes harmful microorganisms while remaining 100% safe for human cells. Combined with silver nanoparticle-coated air ducts, they form a comprehensive system that protects your health to the maximum.
    Highly efficient air handling unit with a capacity of up to 910 m3/h. Equipping the air handling unit with an ERC-20 controller also gives you the possibility to control its operation via smartphones or a dedicated website.

RIMERA fan a perfect decorative element for your interior

Create something new and unique. RIMERA is a solution for those who create, change, beautify their interiors. RIMERA fans are a series of devices with a unique, modern design that will complement the decor of your bathroom, kitchen or living room.

RIMERA is a proposal for those who appreciate a great interior climate, unique styling, as well as a refined, exclusive character.

Wentylator RIMERA doskonałym
elementem dekoracyjnym © DOSPEL

RIMERA fan is a perfect decorative element


Dospel products impress not only with their original aesthetics, but also with the innovativeness of the solutions used. One of them is Dospel's patented technology of specially profiled hybrid propellers, which, together with the air blades, form a perfectly harmonious duo. As a result, the operation of the device is very quiet and the noise level does not exceed 26 dB, which is the best result on the market. All this ensures ultra-fast exchange and maximum airflow. The device has a fourth class of IP resistance, which is due to precisely composed components and a solid casing made of ABS plastic and polycarbonate.

For more information, visit the company's DOSPEL Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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