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Heiko is a brand that was created in response to market needs. The air conditioning industry has grown significantly in recent years, and more and more expectations are being placed on air conditioning units. Heiko are air conditioners that do more than just cool and heat. Their functions go beyond the usual attributes of an air conditioner. Heiko air conditioning systems are user-, installer- and environment-friendly solutions.

The comfort of the systems is ensured by the unit's control, simplified installation and service, or quiet operation. The appearance of the units was designed with modern facilities in mind. Compact construction with a slim panel and elegant design make the air conditioner fit perfectly into any interior design.

Heiko is Split, Multi Split and portable air conditioner solutions. The brand appeared on the market in 2018 and quickly marked its position in the industry. The success of high sales of Split wall units contributed to Heiko's further development.

The offer was expanded to include a Multi Split system, in various combinations, basing it on wall and cassette units. The offer also included a newly designed portable air conditioner.

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