Home... is where it all began. It's where the family values that are our true pride matured and hardened. It also became a symbol of persistence in the pursuit of a dream, which for the founder of Heritage was just a house covered with homemade ceramic tiles.

An artisanal respect for his own work and a relentless pursuit of excellence. A traditional production process in which successive pairs of hands put their stamp on the final result. It all comes together: tile, façade tile, hand-painted wall and floor tiles, as well as natural clay plaster, and tile stoves that are beautiful in form.

There is something that makes HERITAGE's products unique and gives them a special character - it's the daily work of the people whose contribution can be seen at every stage of production. Starting from the hand-forming of the tiles, ceramic tiles or tile, through placing them in the kiln for firing, to checking the quality of the finished products.

You will visit a place whose true foundation is family values. You'll learn about a tradition that has remained true to the spirit of craftsmanship despite the changing world. You will meet people who have dedicated years of experience in the pursuit of excellence.

This promise marked the beginning of the history of Mysniew Building Ceramics Factory.
The first tiles left its walls in 1989. Today, however, our fate is in Ostrzeszow - in the more than 120-year-old Budy Brick Factory, which we managed to save from collapse and breathe new life into it.
In this place, like nowhere else, you can feel the spirit of traditional craftsmanship.

Tradition is the most important thing for us, but it is equally important to write new pages of history every day. This wouldn't be possible if it weren't for the 240 people who put their hearts into every tile, façade tile, wall and floor tile and historical tile produced every day. Among them are people with nearly 30 years of experience. This experience combined with a passion for creation and the pursuit of perfection is a guarantee of continuous development.

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