Interfit Sp. z o. o.


Interfit distributes construction hardware manufactured by recognized domestic and foreign companies. The mounting and construction materials it supplies are suitable for use with doors and all-glass structures. A large selection of products allows you to perfectly match all the elements according to your design specifications.

Interfit brand products

Interfit has products for the installation and finishing of glass structures. These include:

  • door hardware,
  • glass wall systems,
  • sliding door systems,
  • fittings for shower cabins,
  • glass balustrades and canopies,
  • point hardware,
  • access control systems,
  • door closers,

Technologies used

Interfit uses European-made products that meet all quality and safety standards. The company offers investors access to a wide range of products and substantive technical support at the stage of purchase.

Interfit - Office in Krakow
Rybianka 9
31-408 Kraków
Tel: 12 42015 89

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