IZOFLEX | Inesta Sp. z o.o.

The Izoflex brand consists of two inseparable companies:

  • Izotechnika responsible for the production of the system, consisting of tiles and adhesive, thriving since 1991,
  • Inesta, which is a separate sales department, supporting the manufacturer in daily market challenges.

Invariably since its inception, Izoflex has provided façade solutions to meet current and future customer needs. The brand shares innovative materials so that investors no longer have to choose between functionality and aesthetics.

The complete Izoflex system consists of lightweight façade tiles and a special glue-fuga. All products are handmade with the utmost precision. As a result, the flexible tiles resemble hand-formed brick, from which, however, they differ in being much easier to install. Their uniqueness, from the aspects of giving the surface discoloration, abrasion, reflections and various details to the texture, is the work of human hands. The high standards used in manufacturing ensure the repeatability of the basic technical parameters of a given type of tile.

The result of combining the traditional way of formatting tiles and unique production technology is a system that meets the needs of the most demanding architects and investors. The Izoflex system is dedicated to façade finishes or as a decorative accessory both outside and inside buildings. For more than 30 years, its use has been used to create unique investments in line with current trends, as well as original projects based on investors' own ideas. Among the wide range of colors of the products, the right solution for yourself will certainly find both a lover of traditional patterns, as well as a supporter of modern arrangements.

Fantastic colors and interesting patterns from the offer hit the tastes of customers around the world. Outside Poland, the Izoflex system has gained recognition in the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Ireland, Slovakia, the United Kingdom, as well as Lithuania and Hungary, among others.

Implementation gallery: https://izoflex.pl/realizacje/

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