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IZOFLEX system for facade cladding - a solution for the most demanding architects

Łukasz Studnicki
08 of November '21

Izoflex - Polish quality, tradition and modernity, and cooperation based on reliability, punctuality and partnership approach to Contractors.

Isoflex 125 Hague


The year 1991 is the date when the first Izoflex façade tiles and Izoflex-SK adhesive came off the production line. Since then, the traditional manual method of forming the tiles, combined with modern machine technology, mixes and intermingles every day, resulting in a system that solves the dilemmas of the most demanding architects, designers or investors.

The result of thirty years of experience is a base of countless colors and patterns, from which new and unique compositions are constantly being created.

A definite advantage of the Izoflex system is the fact that it consists of only two components: the tiles and the adhesive, which at the same time serves as a grout and background for them.

Izoflex C.54 Izmir | Izoflex: 124 Belgium


Among the basic color palette, you can find tiles reminiscent ofclassic red brick or one that imitates an old, crumpled wall. To meet modern trends, cool, muted colors reminiscent of the grays of concrete or steel were created.

A customer deciding on the Izoflex system can choose not only the color of the tile itself, but also its structure and size. This creates opportunities for the realization of even the most innovative project, which will stand out from the rest.

The unquestionable and greatest advantage of the Izoflex system is its low weight.

6.5 kg /m2 creates the possibility of installing tiles on mineral wool or polystyrene insulation without the need to install additional substructure. It is also the absence of height restrictions and, what is worth noting, in the option with mineral wool, a guarantee of high fire safety. Thanks to its A2-s1, d0 fire classification, the Izoflex system is recommended for use also at heights greater than 25 m.

Izoflex C.15 Cardiff and C.16 Bristol | Izoflex C.11 Wigan


Three decades of presence in the domestic and European market has allowed us to gain trust
with well-known and respected investors, developers and architects.

The ever-expanding production line and the interest of an ever-widening customer base drive us forward with the goal of creating products dedicated to every space in which people move.

Manufactured in Poland for 30 years, Izoflex tiles are tradition and modernity. It is also high quality, both in the area of the product itself and care for its recipient. It is the equivalent of a rightful, long-term investment.

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