From a passion for design, since 1990

The OMNIRES brand is a Polish company with global reach, which for more than 30 years has combined innovation with a passion for good, conscious design.

The brand's products are created in collaboration with renowned Polish and foreign designers, exclusively in world-class manufacturing facilities.

The OMNIRES range includes an extensive assortment of bathroom and kitchen fixtures, bathtubs, washbasins, toilet bowls, shower trays, shower enclosures and bathroom accessories. The variety of designs and finishes - from modern and minimalist, to avant-garde, to classic - provides almost unlimited possibilities for creating individual arrangements.

The company is a forerunner of bathroom concealed systems in Europe and offers a range of solutions to create a customized shower or bathtub concealed system.

The brand's products are made with attention to every detail and using materials of the highest quality. Out of concern for the environment, OMNIRES also makes sure that the manufacturing process is as sustainable as possible, and offers products that reduce water consumption. The company has received numerous awards for its unique design and innovative solutions.

OMNIRES products are guaranteed for a period of 5 to 15 years. The company provides professional technical support throughout Poland and access to spare parts.

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