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Passion for good, conscious design

01 of December '22

OMNIRES brand is a Polish company with a global reach, which for more than 30 years has combined innovation with a passion for good, conscious design. The brand's products are created in cooperation with renowned Polish and foreign designers, with attention to every detail and using materials of the highest quality. The company has received numerous awards for its unique design and innovative solutions.


The OMNIRES Y collection, designed by the company's founder, Janusz Langner, impresses with its clean lines and impeccable form, an expression of passion in the pursuit of the ideal. The inspiration and basis for the design was the shape of a circle. The timeless design created in the spirit of minimalism provides maximum arrangement possibilities.

OMNIRES Y | bateria umywalkowa podtynkowa

OMNIRES Y | basin mixer for concealed installation.



The extensive range of the OMNIRES Y collection allows you to create an interior tailored to your needs. Classical, sturdy basin and bidet faucets, exposed shower systems, as well as a wide range of concealed solutions and additional accessories for the bathtub or shower, offer many design possibilities and freedom of design. An original solution is a concealed 5-hole bathtub faucet with integrated shower handle. Its simple, harmonious form perfectly harmonizes with the bathtub, creating a coherent composition. Concealed installation guarantees space saving, as well as ease of care and cleaning. The design won the grand prize of the Good Design 2021 competition.

OMNIRES Y | bateria wannowa 5-otworowa podtynkowa

OMNIRES Y | 5-hole bathtub mixer for concealed installation.



The OMNIRES Y collection is available in 9 attractive surface finishes - chrome, nickel, graphite, black, black/gold and copper, brushed copper, gold and brushed gold. A selection of these have been created using advanced PVD technology to guarantee superior scratch resistance and ease of cleaning. The durability of the fixtures is also ensured by high-quality brass, from which the faucets are made - they are characterized by perfect and exceptional workmanship.

OMNIRES Y | bateria umywalkowa podtynkowa

OMNIRES Y | concealed washbasin faucet



The use of intuitive technologies and environmentally friendly solutions ensure high user comfort, safety and reliability for years to come. OMNIRES Y faucets are equipped with top-quality ceramic or thermostatic heads, which guarantee smooth and precise regulation of the water flow. In addition, thanks to the use of aerators with AIR WATER technology, the water is properly aerated making it soft and pleasant to the touch, and its stream quiet and even. Cleaning comfort is ensured by the special silicone finish of the EASY CLEAN aerator, which allows easy and quick removal of lime scale deposits collected on its surface by simply wiping it with a finger.

For more information, visit the company's Omnires page on the PdA portal.

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