BTB Beton Architektoniczny Sp. z o.o.

BTB company is a manufacturer of architectural concrete products, a material that has both practical and aesthetic functions. The company is headquartered in Radzymin near Warsaw, but the offer of our services is addressed to customers from all over Poland, especially from the Mazovian province. We work with individuals, companies and institutions. Among other things, we produce kitchen and bathroom countertops, fireplace casings and lamps that will add variety to any space. In addition, we also make architectural concrete facade panels, as well as their thin counterparts for the design of modern living and office spaces.

Properties of decorative concrete

Decorative concrete is a modern, durable and elegant material that can be an original decoration for any building or interior. It comes in both different shades of gray and white, making it perfect as a background for more expressive elements. It blends very well with natural materials, such as wood or raw red brick. As for the physical properties of decorative concrete, on the other hand, after proper impregnation it shows high resistance to external factors such as temperature fluctuations and UV radiation. In addition, it is also resistant to moisture. This is why it has become so popular to use architectural concrete in bathrooms, kitchens or in small architecture projects.

Concrete finishes

Concrete finishes are an increasingly popular form of room styling. The raw surface of concrete looks modern and tasteful, moreover, it shows resistance to mechanical damage and abrasion, so it will also work well in places that are frequently used. In our offer we have numerous realizations of individual orders of kitchen and bathroom countertops, in which we made monolithic sinks or washbasins of concrete. We invite individual customers and companies including catering establishments to cooperate with us. We make concrete elements in many shapes and sizes, matching the product to customer expectations.

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