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Fiberglass-reinforced architectural concrete - the artistry of creating facades and interiors

18 of December '20

GRC architectural concrete facades and interiors

BTB BTB Beton Architektoniczny Sp. z o.o. is a company whose roots date back to 1932. Founded as one of the first companies in free Poland, it was intended, through passion and experience, to create unconventional solutions in architecture. Today, BTB is a professional plant specializing in the production of GRC architectural concrete elements used both outside and inside residential buildings, office buildings and public facilities.

What is GRC architectural concrete?

GRC stands for Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete, or GRC concrete is a type of glass fiber reinforced architectural concrete. Reinforcing the hard but generally brittle structure of concrete with glass fibers, which are stronger and more flexible than steel, gives it special properties and predispositions for use in modern architecture, both outside and inside buildings.


GRANARIA - Granary Island, Gdansk, Poland


Impregnated architectural concrete

Architectural concrete blendsperfectly with materials commonly used in modern construction - glass, aluminum, steel or brick, whose additional advantage is resistance to mechanical damage and resistance to changing weather conditions. Thanks to the use of modern impregnation technologies, facades made of architectural concrete are aesthetic and durable for a long time.

Concrete for the discerning - any form, size, texture

BTB's production capabilities allow any form and size of individual elements. They make them in various thicknesses (from 5 mm to 50 mm), shapes (from flat, through angular and channel, to three-dimensional and curved), color formulas, but also with different surface structures. The company also boasts experience in making elements on specialized matrices and textured molds, such as wood, rock, stone, ribbed patterns or washed surfaces, which allows to design unique elements that enhance the beauty of concrete walls and panels. Natural discoloration, streaks and pitting distributed in an irregular manner of varying intensity and quantity highlight the natural origin of the material, as well as its raw form.

Wrocławski Teatr

Wroclaw Contemporary Theater


Easy and quick installation of GRC architectural concrete elements

The elements produced by the company are designed for easy and fast installation. Depending on the project, place of application, and form of the GRC elements, the following methods of installation are possible: gluing, riveting, on stone anchors or the increasingly popular method on an aluminum substructure using rear-cutting anchors.

BTB's implementation portfolio

BTB's architectural concrete products are highly regarded and have been used in many prestigious projects in Poland and Europe, including:

  • Metro, Warsaw - Księcia Janusza station
  • Granaria, Gdańsk Wyspa Spichrzów
  • Szucha Premium Office, Warsaw
  • Wrocław Contemporary Theater
  • Desa Unicum, Warsaw
  • Comarch S.A., Lodz
  • Hotel Puro, Gdansk
  • Astoria Premium Office, Warsaw
  • ANTRACITA Apartments.

BTB invites architects, constructors, contractors and individual investors to cooperate with us.

For more information, visit the BTB Beton Architektoniczny Sp. z o.o. company page on the A&B portal.

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