Puidukoda Polska Sp. z o.o.

Puidukoda is an Estonian company, founded in 1997, whose core business is based on the production and sale of planed wood and profiled boards. The main raw material is wood from natural coniferous trees (spruce, pine) from Scandinavia and northern regions of Russia.

Goods straight from the manufacturer - quickly and efficiently

Since 2004, products from the Estonian manufacturer have been available in Poland - their distribution is handled by Puidukoda Polska. The offer is based on wholesale and retail sales of paneling, facades, floors, terraces and C24 wood. In addition, Puidukoda Polska cooperates with other manufacturers expanding its offer with thermo wood, sauna construction products and sauna accessories. The company currently has three factory depots: the "Mazury" depot in Pisz, the "Wielkopolska" depot in Węglewo near Konin and the "Lublin" depot in Dominów, as well as an extensive distribution system to optimize delivery costs and provide customers with constant access to products.

Painting at the customer's request

However, good quality wood is not everything - Puidukoda Polska, as one of the few in our market, offers customers machine painting of wood to individual order in any RAL color, as well as orders for products protected with NT DECO wood fire protection products in Fire Non-Roaming (NRO) classification.

Ready-to-assemble products and finishing materials

The DECORATING TREES program includes 8 original products from the Estonian Woodmood line and a dozen thermally or machine-painted products from Puidukoda Polska's ready-to-assemble range. Products dedicated to both interiors and exteriors. In addition, we sell finishing materials such as angle brackets, skirting boards, plinths and quarter rounds.

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