Our company was born out of a great passion for construction. So we put not only our knowledge and hard work into every project, but also a good dose of creativity and commitment. In our business we focus on direct contact with the customer. So when you call us you can be sure that you will talk to a decision maker. And further down the line, that the construction of your roof will be supervised by us personally.

How did it start? The flair for business was passed on to us by our dad - a doctor of economics and owner of several businesses. When we graduated from Wroclaw University of Technology, we decided to start our own business. First, we spent a few years gaining experience in other construction companies and design agencies, and finally created something of our own. That's how Wiązar Polska was founded, with Maks designing roof structures and Hubert supervising their construction and installation.

What kind of projects do we do? We are involved in the construction and installation of roof structures for all types of buildings: from small detached houses and small businesses, through farm buildings and multi-family houses, to large production halls and supermarkets.

What can you expect from us? First of all, the highest quality wood, solid construction and designs tailored to your individual needs. We can both implement an already finished project, as well as improve it or look for more favorable solutions for you.

Products for Home – articles

Röben - ceramic facades, good for you and the environment
Glass lighting installations in interiors
Visbud - Project composite reinforcement of concrete and masonry structures