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12 of October '19

Investment in office interiors is just as important as in modern computer equipment, a fleet of cars or social packages. The wide and high-quality range of furniture and interior design products available on the market means that a modern office need not be just the domain of large corporations. What's more, it can be created without a general overhaul.

meble balance

A piece of furniture changes everything

The first step on the road to a new office? Replacing old and worn-out furniture. Buying practical cabinets, ergonomic desks or chairs will significantly improve the quality and organization of the space. It will also add freshness to the interior - furniture solutions available today are high-quality products that look attractive in the interior.

When furnishing an office, it is worth betting on modular solutions and flexible systems. They will allow you to develop even an inconstant space. Thanks to solutions such as the Balance collection from VOX, arranging an office will be an extremely simple task. Creating your own furniture is very simple - just choose a shelf with a plinth: large or small. Place at least two boxes on it and put another shelf on top. The individual elements are assembled without screws or bolts, and the number of levels we can construct this way depends only on our needs. The VOX brand also offers practical desks in several sizes to fit different spaces.

Kerradeco NEW Wood

New wall without painting

When renovating an office, where there are many people every day, it is necessary to bet on materials that are more durable and resistant than those for home use. In the workplace, walls and floors are exposed to intense abrasion and mechanical damage. While replacing the carpet is an undertaking that requires emptying the entire office, we can refresh and protect the walls much more simply.

A wide range of Kerradeco wall panel designs from VOX made of durable plastic is the best way to give an office space a second youth. What's more: the wall system increases the acoustic insulation of the room, and with the hustle and bustle typical of open space, this is invaluable.

Kerradeco wall system is a great alternative to typical finishing solutions. It can be successfully used where MDF, wood, ceramic tiles, decorative plaster or wallpaper. It combines the best features of each of these claddings, but places much lower installation requirements. As a result, a quick refresh of the office space can be carried out with virtually no downtime in the operation of the company. Kerradeco panels are highly durable and safe for the health of users. Even an extremely heavily used office will retain its quality for a long time, thanks to the panels' resistance to dirt, scratches or dents.

Kerradeco collection is a wide portfolio of 20 patterns divided into four lines - Wood Line, Stone Line, Textile and Unicolours. Such a range of designs allows for the arrangement of interiors maintained in a variety of styles - from loft atmosphere, through rustic, to technical minimalism and pure white. In particular, spaces where the walls are clad with Kerradeco Wood Carbon panels look exceptionally elegant. This pattern looks phenomenal and makes the office a real business card.

listwa Estilo

Order on the floor

When renovating an office quickly, it is worth remembering to organize the floor. It is worth taking care to hide the wiring - power or Internet cables often get tangled under desks and behind cabinets. In such a situation, appropriate skirting boards will come in handy. They are not only aesthetically pleasing, but most importantly a functional finish to the joint between the wall and floor in the office. They mask expansion joints, make cleaning easier and enhance the aesthetics of the room.

They can also hide cables that should not be on top - for example, each of the seven versions of the Estilo skirting board from VOX is equipped with a compartment for cables. This will make it easier to keep the new interior tidy and ensure that no one trips over protruding wires.

is an interior design brand with a unique and complementary portfolio of products and services for furnishing apartments and homes. At VOX, we believe that true freedom begins at home, and how we live has a huge impact on our lives. That's why our products are created in response to real human needs, based on the methodology of design thinking. Multidisciplinary teams work on them, which, in addition to designers, include psychologists, ethnographers or sociologists; and our goal is to constantly develop and provide complex interior solutions. This results in stylistically matched collections of furniture, floors, doors, accessories and wall and facade systems.

VOX is also a network of interior design showrooms throughout Poland and an online sales platform We also provide true freedom of creation to consumers in more than 50 countries on all continents, from the United States to Russia to Australia and Taiwan.

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