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A space where it is pleasant to drink wine. A project by young female architects

05 of November '20

Introducing another design for a Portuguese wine tasting space. Julia Domanska and Ewa Kostecka created an object hidden in a hill belonging to the Quinta do Monte d'Oiro estate, thus referring to a traditional wine cellar.

The project took part in an international competition entitled. "Monte d'Oiro Wine Tasting Room" organized by the Bee Breeders platform in cooperation with Quinta do Monte D'Oiro, a family-owned winery located in the Lisbon region. As part of the competition, the winery sought design ideas for a wine tasting room made of natural materials and creating an architectural landmark.

Projekt przestrzeni do
degustacji wina Rzut sali

The structure forms an arch along the hill

© Julia Domanska, Ewa Kostecka

object hidden underground

Hidden in a small hill in Quinta do Monte d'Oiro, Julia Domanska and Ewa Kostecka's project connects with nature, matching its form to the surrounding landscape. The building, located just below ground level, follows the concept of a traditional wine cellar. It forms an arch along the hill, allowing a panoramic view of the wine fields.

Przekrój budynku Aksonometria obiektu

The most important elements of the project are underground

© Julia Domanska, Ewa Kostecka

a table with multiple functions

In the project, the authors used a table as an architectural element. This unusual part of the building follows the roundness of the hill, thus allowing every visitor, to enjoy the view of the surroundings. The table, constructed with a thin layer of thermal insulation, is also the lower part of the building's facade. Its upper part, on the other hand, is formed by a movable glass element. During colder days, guests sit at the table in a warm and cozy room behind the glass. On warm days, on the other hand, they can raise the glass element and tilt it upward, allowing them to enjoy the table from both sides. When all the elements are raised, the upper part of the facade almost completely disappears. The space then consists only of the table and the surrounding nature, allowing guests to relax and enjoy both the wine and the view of the vineyard.

Wizualizacja sali do
degustacji wina

Using the space, guests can enjoy a panoramic view of the vineyard

© Julia Domanska, Ewa Kostecka

play of light and vineyard panorama

The facility allows for a natural flow of movement inside the hill. Beginning at the staircase, it leads guests through the wine tasting room, and then by means of another staircase leads them to the wine field. The stairs leading up to the building are surrounded by dark, solid walls. The only source of light falls from above, building a kind of drama. Entering the interior, visitors are shown the entire panorama of the surroundings. Behind the entrance is a small reception area, followed by a wine tasting room with a long and narrow table. On the other side of the building are located two restrooms and a small kitchen. Walking further, one can reach another staircase connecting the mountain with the wine fields.

Detal konstrukcyjny Warianty przestrzeni

The organic walls are reminiscent of a cave

© Julia Domanska, Ewa Kostecka

earth as a natural construction material

The rear and side walls of the structure are constructed of compacted earth left over from the space dug for construction. Located on the side of the hill, these massive, irregular, almost organic walls create the impression of a cave gouged from above that is part of the hill. The earth used in the construction creates natural insulation - the building remains cool in summer, but warm in winter. The thick wall behind the table is also used for storage space, such as for bottles of wine. Shelves were created by hollowing out holes of various shapes from the back wall of the building. The shape of the hill also provides natural protection from the sun and wind, creating a cozy atmosphere for all guests.

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