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Zehnder radiator promotion with TopCare antibacterial coating and Natural colors

10 of March '21

It's worth taking care of the health of your household with TopCare coating, which blocks the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms and germs. Especially since Zehnder Ovida, Ovida Bow and Subway radiators equipped with it are available on promotional terms until the end of March. These unique, decorative bathroom radiators from Zehnder will make your interior not only warmer, but also more elegant.

Photo: © Zehnder

Thermal comfort with reduced risk of infection and a higher quality of hygienic surface is an optimal combination especially in bathrooms where we often come into contact with high humidity. Until March 31, 2021, we can equip Zehnder Ovida and Zehnder Ovida Bow radiators (both with 50 mm centric supply for water installation) and Zehnder Subway radiators (with electric and water-electric supply) with TopCare surface and the most popular colors from the "Natural" line at no extra charge.

For the sake of health

Zehnder TopCare antibacterial surface protects against the proliferation of microorganisms (bacteria, fungi) and reduces the risk of infection. The silver ions contained in the lacquer are gradually released when the surface is in a dry state. As a result, silver ions affect microorganisms - bacteria and fungi - in three different ways: they kill enzymes responsible for transporting nutrients, prevent cell division and damage cell membranes.

© Zehnder

Excellent design

Zehnder Ovida owes its lightweight appearance to the small-diameter horizontal pipes, which are connected to the vertical ones by modern cross-welding technology. The gentle curve of the Bow version enlarges the space for hanging fabrics. Zehnder Subway, on the other hand, represents purity of design with its minimalist design. The distinctive quadrangular frame and filigree round tubes create a "gem" of design.

Take the opportunity to combine the antibacterial aspect with elegance and attractive price!

For more information, visit Zehnder 's A&B website.

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