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Roof coverings and accessories - trends 2021

11 of March '21

Roof coverings and accessories - trends 2021

The roof is one of the most important parts of the house - it covers and protects the building from the weather, and at the same time strongly shapes the visual effect of the whole block. Therefore, it is worth taking care of its solid workmanship, proper insulation and selection of the right covering. How to choose the best roofing? What can be an alternative to the traditional ceramic tile? Welcome to a review of proposals for roofing, accessories and thermal insulation!

alternative solution

An alternative to tile and slate roofing can be fiber-cement tiles, made of a material that is distinguished by its durability, non-combustibility and lightness. The fiber-cement roofing tiles available from Cedral, thanks to their simple form, allow the creation of a smooth and flat roof surface, and will work well in both modern buildings and in the renovation of historic buildings. They can also be used on facades or to cover chimneys - in any latitude and on almost any surface.

Dach i elewacja domu jednorodzinnego w Assesse (Belgia) pokryta płytką Cedral w kolorze grafitowym

© Cedral

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Cedral tiles - a modern and fashionable alternative to tile and slate roofing

two in one

Can roofing be functional, durable, aesthetically pleasing, yet eco-friendly and compatible with smart technologies? The answer may be a 2-in-1 solar roof - a solution for the 21st century! SunRoof roofs combine photovoltaic technology with the architecture of the building, protecting the building from the adverse effects of weather and producing electricity at the same time. Fewer materials are needed for SunRoof than for a conventional roof and photovoltaic panels, so it's a cheaper solution and reduces construction time.

Nowoczesna willa
w Szwecji

© SunRoof

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2-in-1 solar roofs - a new trend that will stay with us for a long time.

smooth roof surface

Do you dream of a modern, perfectly smooth roof surface? A covering without visible screws and easy to install? Ruukki 's innovative Ruukki® Hyygge flat roofing tiles, with their simple and elegant form, fit in perfectly with modern trends, while the "Click" and "Slide" locking system and the solution of the installation strip allow you to achieve a perfectly smooth roof surface and reduce to a minimum the risk of installation errors related to the correct positioning and joining of individual panels.


© Ruukki Polska

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RUUKKI® HYYGGE flat modular roofing sheet

when biomass becomes thermal insulation

The ever-increasing demands placed on thermal insulation, driven by environmental concerns and energy saving guidelines, require innovative solutions. Bauder offers new thermal insulation boards for flat roofs - BauderECO. These panels use biomass - waste materials such as stalks, plant leaves or threshed corn cobs and recycled materials - in the insulation core. The use of biomass ensures high insulation with low energy and raw material consumption.


© Bauder

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Insulation with the highest quality parameters - BauderPIR panels

in a rustic style

Roofing is increasingly being extended to the facades, thus creating characteristic blocks surrounded by a uniform "shell". In the design of a house in Krakow's Górka Narodowa, architects from the K3 office used in this way the French Élysée tile produced by Terreal in the rustic Longchamp color. The flat ceramic tile, available from Dachyrustykalne, although resembling a traditional plain tile, is thoroughly modern thanks to its minimalist, rectangular form.

Copper House

© Dachyrustykalne

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Rustic tile for roof and facade - simple and elegant shape

simplicity and elegance

Modern roofing strives for the simplest possible forms with minimal embossing and no visible screws. Budmat 's offer includes Iron Click steel roofing panels, in which the manufacturers have used many proprietary solutions that affect the ease of installation and aesthetics of the finished roofing, including a reinforced locking mechanism that guarantees precise and durable longitudinal joints, and recesses for screws toensure proper expansion of the panels as a result of steel expansion under temperature changes.

Panele Iron Click

© Budmat

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