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Siedlce railway station is to regain its former industrial character. Modernization works are being launched

20 of July '21

Modernization work has begun on the railroad station in Siedlce, whose history dates back to 1866. From the outside, the refreshed building is expected to revert to its original industrial character. In addition, it is to be modernized and adapted to modern traveler service standards. PKP S.A. announces that the project places great emphasis on ecology and safety.

It is true that the railroad reached Siedlce with the construction of the Warsaw-Terespol railroad line in the 1860s, but the modern station is not considered a historical building. The current building was erected in 1986 and partially rebuilt in the 1990s, but PKP S.A. decided to modernize the building almost 30 years after the last renovation. Earlier this year a design was ready, which was developed by the Pas Projekt studio from Nadarzyn. The tender for the execution was won by Texom from Cracow. The planned cost of the investment is about PLN 18.7 million gross. The new station is expected to be put into operation in 2022.

The redevelopment of the Siedlce railway station is one of the most important investments in the Mazovian province carried out within the framework of the Station Investment Program 2016-2023. Its main objective is to improve travelers' comfort, safety, but also the aesthetics of the station, which will gain a completely new look combining references to history and modernity , comments Ireneusz Maślany, member of the PKP S.A. management board.

With a facade imitating brick, the building is expected to partially regain its industrial character

vision: Pas Projekt

return to the roots

The train station will change both from the outside and inside. The building's facade, which is to refer to the first station in Siedlce, built in 1866 with brick, will gain an industrial character. Unfortunately, there will be no real brick, only an imitation of it in the form of brick cladding.

The upper parts of the facade will be finished with patinated titanium-zinc sheeting, as will the skylights and attics. In addition, windows and doors will be replaced. The window axes will also be opened up. A large-format clock will be placed above the main entrance to the travelers' service area.

Speaking of the exterior of the building, it is worth mentioning the changes that will take place in the area in front of the station. Among other things, a bicycle shelter with ten racks for unicycles is to be erected there, as well as several parking spaces and short-stay areas. There will also be elements of small architecture, including new benches.

In turn, the interior of the building will gain more space for travelers, including by demolishing walls and part of the ceilings in the western part of the buildings. As a result, there will be a two-story room serving as a waiting room with a communication mezzanine on the first floor. On the first floor, in addition to ticket offices, there will be retail and service outlets and restrooms.

Visualization of the interior of the station building

vision: Pas Projekt

attention to modern standards

PKP S.A. argues that the modernized station building in Siedlce will be fully adapted to the needs of people with disabilities, including those with limited mobility. Accordingly, an elevator is to appear inside, and the entire area is to be equipped with, among other things, guided paths with attention fields, signs in Braille, a tactile plan of the station, automatic doors or cashier windows adapted to serve people in wheelchairs. A contrasting color scheme will also be used in the interiors, making it easier for the visually impaired to move around the facility.

Visualization of the interior of the station building

vision: Pas Projekt

The technical condition of the building will also be improved. All installations and internal equipment will be replaced. Environmental aspects are also included in the project. There will be energy-efficient lighting with control automation, as well as a BMS(Building Management System), one of whose tasks is to optimize the consumption of electricity, heat and water.

The modernization of the Siedlce railroad station is being carried out as part of the nationwide Station Investment Program. It is aimed at adapting station buildings to modern traveler service standards, as well as improving their aesthetics. The project received funding from the EU's Infrastructure and Environment Operational Program.

elaboration: Katarzyna Domagała

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