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Settlement of the first edition of the "Best Interior Diploma" competition.

04 of October '21

In October 2021, we settled the first edition of the "Best Interior Diploma" competition for the best student diploma. The competition included bachelor's and master's theses defended in 2019-2021. Of the projects nominated for the finals, we selected, in our opinion, the four best. The first prize was won by Weronika Wojciuk, the second ex aequo by Aneta Lehmann and Paulina Borysik, and the third by Weronika Cwanek. Meanwhile, we will publish the results of the Audience Award after verifying the correctness of the votes cast.

I Nagroda, Weronika

First prize, proj.: Weronika Wojciuk
AUTHOR: Weronika Wojciuk (Faculty of Fine Arts, Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun).
PROMOTERS: Dr. Grzegorz Maślewski, Aleksandra Truchel-Treder

© Weronika Wojciuk

spiritual values

We awarded thefirst prize to Weronika Woj ciuk's master's thesis entitled. "Conceptual design of a meditation center in Madeira" prepared under the supervision of Dr. Grzegorz Maślewski and Aleksandra Truchel-Treder, defended in 2020 at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń [see A&B 05/2021]. The author's proposed concept concerns the design of a meditation center, which is designed for spiritual development and therapeutic support for people with multifaceted personal development needs. The project shows how the psyche and life of an individual in the surrounding world can be influenced through the use of architectural expressions. The author designed a meditation room, a spa area, a retreat house, a therapeutic office and a guest suite.

I Nagroda. Weronika


© Weronika Wojciuk

Among other things,we awarded the work for its appreciation of the spiritual values that architecture can release, its great aesthetic sensitivity and sense of the context of the place. We drew attention to the coherent concept and clearly defined stylistics of the interiors - the gentle handling of forms and textures, the fluidity of lines and the creation of a relaxing, calming mood. It is worth emphasizing the thoughtful handling of light in the interior - both sunlight and artificial light. The project is in line with current trends in global design, but does not blindly follow them, making it timeless.

II nagroda (ex aequo),
proj.: Aneta Lehmann

Second prize (ex aequo), proj.: Aneta Lehmann
AUTHOR: Aneta Lehmann (Faculty of Architecture and Design, Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk)
PROMOTER: Prof. Jacek Dominiczak

© Aneta Lehmann

social and cultural needs

The works awarded ex aequo second prize are the master's degree projects of Aneta Lehmann and Paulina Borysik. "Good Solitude. Architecture of coexistence and community" by Aneta Lehmann is a thesis defended in 2019 and prepared at the Faculty of Architecture and Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, under the supervision of Prof. Jacek Dominiczak [see A&B 12/2020]. The award-winning architectural and urban design project, allows one to fully enjoy the bounty of solitude, without falling into the grip of a nagging loneliness. The concept is based on developing the seed of a new city - seed of the city - designed in the spirit of dialogue, a city within a city. The spatial organization of "Good Loneliness" is a kind of urban fractal, which separates a quarter from the city, divides the quarter into smaller parts, and in each of them determines further urban structures.

II nagroda (ex aequo),
proj.: Aneta Lehmann


© Aneta Lehmann

We recognized the project for its social values and search for answers to the needs of modern man. We drew attention to the skillful combination of interior and exterior - the micro zone with urban space, which is an apt response to the search for a balance between privacy and participation in community life. The concept draws attention to the often overlooked aspect of tranquility and solitude in such projects, which are usually lost in co-housing projects, which are primarily oriented towards community and staying together.

II Nagroda. Paulina

Second prize (ex aequo), proj.: Paulina Borysik
AUTHOR: Paulina Borysik (Faculty of Architecture and Design, Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk.
PROMOTOR: Jan Sikora, Ph.D., professor, Academy of Fine Arts.

© Paulina Borysik

An equal prize was awarded to Paulina Borysik 's project, prepared under the supervision of Dr. Jan Sikora, titled "The Art Corner. "Zakole Sztuki," also defended in 2019 at the Faculty of Architecture and Design of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk [see A&B 03/2021]. Zakole Sztuki is a project for the adaptation of a post-industrial former bakery building located in the Stogi District of Gdansk. The incubator of art and culture planned by the author creates favorable conditions for the development of the degraded area. Reorganization of unused spaces, concept of interiors and areas around the building are to provide new quality, freshness and prestige of the place.

II nagroda (ex aequo),
proj.: Paulina Borysik

Second prize (ex aequo), "ZAKOLE SZTUKI"

© Paulina Borysik

The project was awarded, among other things, for using the existing local potential and attempting to enhance it with simple measures. The concept does not propose a revolution, but a supplement to existing solutions, which is its undoubted advantage. It builds a distinctive mark in the space and complements the existing development in a balanced way.

III nagroda, proj.:
Weronika Cwanek

III prize, design: Weronika Cwanek
AUTHOR: Weronika Cwanek (Faculty of Interior Design, J. Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow).
PROMOTOR: prof. dr. hab. Beata Gibała-Kapecka

© Weronika Cwanek

empathetic design methods

Thethird award, for empathetic and user-oriented design methods, went to Weronika Cwanek, author of a bachelor's thesis defended in 2019, titled. "Nursing Home at 55 Krakowska Street in Krakow". [see A&B 09/2021]. The diploma, prepared under the supervision of Prof. Beata Gibała-Kapecka at the Faculty of Interior Design of the J. Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, concerns the interior design and arrangement of the Krakow Nursing Home based on the Evidence-Based Design method. As the author says - the main idea of the work is to show that the interior can improve the health of a sick person.

Dom Pomocy
Społecznej. Weronika Cwanek

Third prize for the design of the Nursing Home

© Weronika Cwanek

When evaluating the work, we paid attention to the design approach of looking for answers to the real existing problems and needs of the residents. The project, with the help of simple, easy to make, but also easy to maintain materials, tries to build a friendlier space, facilitating daily functioning. The sensitivity to the needs of the residents and the diversity of the spaces serving them, as well as the skillful combination of aesthetic, psychological and functional aspects, are appreciated. Doubts, on the other hand, are raised by the heavy and expressive pattern appearing on many surfaces, which seems to overwhelm the colors that distinguish the various spaces.


The projects awarded in the first edition of the "Best Interior Diploma" competition are united by a pro-social aspect. Each of the authors, in her own way, addressed the subject of architecture and its impact on users. The projects, on the one hand, allow for spiritual development, tranquility and the experience of good solitude, while on the other, they emphasize community, the needs of residents, culture and the development of forgotten parts of cities through the use of local potential. We would like to congratulate all the finalists of the contest, whose works we published in the past academic year in the pages of A&B magazine and portal. The winners of the first edition will receive commemorative diplomas, subscriptions to A&B magazine and book prizes from us. Meanwhile, we will announce the results of the Audience Award after verifying the correctness of the votes cast.

The next edition of the Best Interior Design Diploma competition has already started - all students and graduates of interior architecture and design majors from 2020-2022 are invited to participate. We would also like to remind you about the second competition category - Best ARCHITECTURE Diploma, which, continuously since 2012, gathers the best projects in the field of architecture!

Dobrawa Bies

Illustrations: © Authors | A&B archives

Thejury was attended by A&B editors Małgorzata Tomczak (editor-in-chief),
Ola Kloc, Dobrawa Bies, Marta Kulawik, Jakub Głaz and Kacper Kępiński.

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