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We know the winners of the "Create a green future with CEMEX" competition for students and graduates

16 of June '22

We have met the winners of the competition "Create a green future with CEMEX". The finals of the competition took place on May 20 at CEMEX headquarters in Warsaw. The contest, which promotes innovative, sustainable solutions for the cement, concrete and aggregate industries, was organized by CEMEX Poland. The event is part of the "Future in Action" strategy, which aims to reduceCO2 emissions at CEMEX plants.

Nearly 40 engineering, master's and postgraduate theses of students representing 14 technical universities from all over Poland were submitted to the competition organized by CEMEX Poland. The thematic scope of the ideas and solutions presented in the thesis abstracts was very broad and, in the vast majority, met the criteria for the work's compliance with the scope and subject matter of the competition. Ten of them were qualified for the second, final stage, which stood out for the innovation and originality of the topic and, importantly, were professionally and factually presented in the submitted materials.

The evaluation of the finalists' works included their factual correctness, the originality of the presented solutions and the applicability of the described solutions by CEMEX. All finalists presented their materials in front of members of the Jury and the Chapter, which included representatives of the world of science and CEMEX Poland.

podczas pracy Jury konkursu

During the work of the Jury of the competition


The work of Mateusz Jezierski from Koszalin University of Technology, dedicated to "Evaluation of boundary states of selected elements made on the basis of cement composites", gained thegreatest recognition in the eyes of experts. The next place ex aequo in the competition went to Paulina Dziduch from Warsaw University of Technology with the work "Closed-loop economy in concrete technology" and Krzysztof Duch from theBialystok University of Technology with the thesis "Modification of properties of geopolymer composites with recycled concrete aggregate for the load-bearing structure of a bridge." The winner of the third prize, in turn, was Magdalena Leończyk representing the Bialystok University of Technology, author of a paper on "Properties of standard mortars modified with light sodium borosilicate glass."

The "Create a Green Future with CEMEX" competition is an excellent initiative that draws students' attention to the need to search for and implement new solutions for building materials in order to create sustainable construction. I congratulate the winners, including two graduates from Bialystok University of Technology, and CEMEX for organizing the competition, which brings science and industry closer together," says Prof. Michal Boltryk, Dean of the Faculty of Construction and Environmental Sciences at Bialystok University of Technology.

The winners of places I-III received (respectively): PLN 6 thousand, PLN 4 thousand and PLN 2 thousand. Promoters of the distinguished works were also rewarded - with half the amount of the winners' awards.

Green transformation is a natural direction for the construction industry. CEMEX Poland is actively looking for solutions to make the products offered by our company have even less impact on the environment than before. A great support in this regard for us is the academic community, and the works submitted to the competition are excellent proof that there is a huge potential in young Polish scientists, which is worth using for the benefit of the environment," says Tadeusz Radzięciak, Director of the Production and Cement Technology Division, Member of the Board of CEMEX Poland.

About the competition

The contest entitled. "Create a green future with CEMEX" was organized for the first time. Its aim is to support the transformation of the Polish economy towards a low-carbon economy, with a particular focus on construction.

The task of the participants was to submit a thesis or postgraduate thesis on one of the following areas: sustainable development and low-carbon economy, closed-loop economy, measures to reduceCO2 in the 5C value chain (clinker, cement, concrete, construction, recarbonation), ecological and innovative material solutions that reduce the use of natural resources, and optimization and improvement of the efficiency of production processes and products.

The best works were selected by the Jury and Chapter of the competition, chaired by Rafal Gajewski, Director of the Commercial Division at CEMEX Poland:

It is encouraging to see such great interest in the first edition of the "Create a Green Future with CEMEX" Competition. I would like to congratulate all the finalists for the high level of their work and their excellent presentations to the Chapter. We had an extremely difficult task to choose the winners, so we decided to award as many as 4 works! We assumed that the contest will be cyclical and we are already working on the next edition. I hope it will be a good platform for cooperation between CEMEX and technical universities in Poland," he adds.

The composition of the Chapter included:

  • Rafał Gajewski - Director of the Commercial Division of CEMEX Poland, Chairman of the Chapter
  • Prof. Michal Boltryk, Ph.D. - Dean of the Faculty of Construction and Environmental Sciences at Bialystok University of Technology
  • Prof. Jan Deja, D.Sc. - Associate Dean, Faculty of Materials Engineering and Ceramics, AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow
  • Prof. Andrzej Garbacz , D.Sc. - Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology
  • Iwona Wojtasik - Director of Organization and Human Resources Management at CEMEX Poland
  • Włodzimierz Chołuj - Director of the Legal Department of CEMEX Poland
  • Michał Grys - Director of the Materials Division of CEMEX Poland
  • Tadeusz Radzięciak - Director of the Cement Technology and Production Division of CEMEX Poland

The Jury of the Competition included:

  • Piotr Górak - Manager of the Technical Advisory Department, Chairman of the Jury
  • Teresa Bonaszewska-Wyszomirska- Manager of ZJiTB - Concrete Quality and Technology Team
  • Piotr Karbownik - Product Management Manager - Concrete and Aggregates
  • Henryk Radelczuk - Manager - Quality Department
  • Łukasz Szabat - Manager of Specialty Product Development - Concrete
  • Piotr Jurczuk - Manager of the Sales Development Team - Commercial Division

Climate goals

The competition entitled. "Create a green future with CEMEX" is one of the examples of activities aimed at implementing the company's ambitious strategy entitled. "Future in Action." As part of it, CEMEX aims to reduce netCO2 emissions at its plants in Europe by at least 55% by 2030.

For more information, visit the company's CEMEX Polska Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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