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Results of voting for the Audience Award - best student concrete house project

04 of September '23

We have completed the online voting for the Audience Award—the best project made within the 23rd edition of the student competition „Concrete Architecture—Game of Thrones—Home in the Urban Landscape”. The competition was organized for second year architecture students at the Cracow University of Technology. The largest number of votes and thus the first place was awarded to the house project by Angelika Godek. Congratulations!

The challenge of the competition was to design a detached single-family house with a usable area of 200 to 250 square meters, on no more than three floors. The building was to include a vestibule, hallway, living room, library, dining room, kitchen, guest room, three bedrooms, bathrooms, utility room and a two-car garage.

The scope of the study had to include a site plan, plan of all floors, selected vertical section, detail, elevations with shadows, perspective drawing, axonometric drawing, descriptive part, folder with inspirations and any additional elaborations (colors, visualizations, additional sections, axonometries). The results were technical drawings made in ink, perspective drawings, color drawings and visualizations of houses in 70×70 cm format.

Wernisaż wystawy pokonkursowej odbył się na Politechnice Krakowskiej

The opening of the post-competition exhibition took place at the Cracow University of Technology

photo: Dobrawa Bies

The works were created as part of the course Designing residential buildings, taught by Prof. Tomasz Kozłowski. The design groups were led by Dr. Przemysław Bigaj, Wojciech Ciepłucha, Dr. Anna Mielnik, Prof. PK, Piotr Stalony-Dobrzański, Dr. Marek Początko, Dr. Monika Gała-Walczowska, Grzegorz Twardowski. Urban planning consultations were conducted by Prof. Justyna Kobylarczyk.

On June 29 this year, in the building of the Faculty of Architecture of the Cracow University of Technology at 24 Warszawska Street, the vernissage of works and settlement of the student competition "Concrete Architecture—Game of Thrones—House in the Urban Landscape" took place. We wrote about the results of the competition organized by the Department of Architectural Design WA PK and the Association of Cement Producers in the article House in the Urban Landscape. Results of the student competition.

voting results

Architecture & Business covered the event under its patronage, and in July this year it gave a vote to its male and female readers, announcing the competition for the Audience Award. Male and female Internet users could vote for two months for their favorite bathroom design, from among 27 concepts.

Angelika Godek Angelika Godek, aksonometria

The highest number of votes went to the house designed by Angelika Godek

© Angelika Godek

Thewinning workwas by Angelika Godek, receiving 393 votes. The author will receive from us a diploma and a one-year subscription to the monthly magazine "A&B".

II miejsce, Matylda Pruchniak III miejsce, Arkadiusz Bloch

From left: the project by Matylda Pruchniak took second place,
and Arkadiusz Bloch's concept was awarded third place

© Matylda Pruchniak, Arkadiusz Bloch

Second place went to the project by Matylda Pruchniak, receiving 298 votes, and Arkadiusz Bloch's work with 150 votes won third place. You can see all the design boards in the gallery.

You can find the full results of the vote and all participating projects in the article Concrete House in the Urban Landscape. Vote for the best student project.

Dobrawa Bies

The vote has already been cast

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