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Geberit Olona shower tray awarded in A'Design Award & Competition 2021!

07 of June '21

The A'Design Award & Competition is the largest international competition related to design and design. Each year, a jury of designers, media, business and university representatives selects the winners whose designs have distinguished themselves with the greatest creativity and the best application of technology. This year its winners included the Geberit brand.

The Geberit Olona shower tray has won the jury's praise in terms of both design and function. What distinguishes Geberit's novelty? A matte white color, a designer drain with a delicate chrome surround around the cover, and a smooth surface made of durable, high-quality stone resin. Design is not the only advantage of the design, however.

© Geberit

Practical and reliable

On top, the shower tray is protected by a durable gelcoat. The smooth, matte surface of Olona shower trays is warm, pleasant to the touch and has Class B anti-slip properties, which has a positive effect on user safety. The removable basket prevents clogging of the drain, and is easy to keep clean. The shower tray is available in different versions - there are as many as 20 models available on the market with dimensions of 75 to 100 cm in width and 90 to 180 cm in length. The product comes with a 10-year warranty.

Live the way you like

There are several ways of installation: completely recessing the shower tray into the floor, partially recessing the shower tray into the floor to any depth and placing it directly on the floor. The Olon shower tray can also be used in a bathroom adapted to the needs of people with disabilities. To do this, stick to one of two rules. This includes recessing the shower tray into the floor for min. 2 cm or installing directly on the floor, with a ramp.

© Geberit

About the competition

A'Design Award & Competition is one of the largest and most prestigious competitions in the world of architecture and design. The initiative was created to promote good design practices, to build an international community of designers, entrepreneurs and brands to deliver ever-improving products. The competition draws attention to usability, function and aesthetics that affect the daily lives of users.

For more information, visit the company's GEBERIT Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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